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Whirlwind of Adventure!!

I took tons of pictures! I have only posted a few of the highlights, but I linked all the locations to my own pics. All 805 of the pictures are here.

The last few weeks have been packed full of adventure, sadness, joy, stress, happiness, and the occasional goodbye. Josh came home from Italy the same day Ben arrived from the states. The first day here is always a resting day, jet-lag is awful when you're coming from the states! We stayed home at acted weird, cuz that's how we roll ;)

The next day we did a short jaunt to El Escorial. I don't get tired of seeing that gorgeous place... and once again we were able to go inside (Josh had never seen inside either). When we got home we started prepping for the weekend. A bu-bye party for the Neil's. A few drinks, 90's hits, a couple rounds of pictograms, and some good food. It was fun... and sad. We had 11 kids at our house (just 3 families) and they all played together beautifully. Hooray for pools and playr…