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So Far So Good

We're having another good day today! We started our day at 7am. I fed Tristan, then Noah and myself. After breakfast we took a short walk around the block. We were going to go for at least 2 blocks, but Noah was running and wiped out and scraped his hand. Normally he's fine when he gets a boo-boo but this time it was a scrape so it must have burned. He claimed he NEEDED a band-aid so we went home. He ended up peeling the band-aid off 5 minutes later. Sigh. I fed Tristan again and once he fell back asleep we did our craft.

Noah and I decorated some pumpkins (technically gourds, but they look like mini pumpkins to me). Noah really enjoyed it and got marker allllll over his hands and face. I don't know if he remembered from last year or if it was just a coincidence, but he only drew with the black and orange markers. He decorated one pumpkin and I decorated all the others. We placed them in the living room archways. After I took a picture of the pumpkins on displ…

On Our Own

My parents left early this morning and we were officially on our own. The day went really well actually. I was able to get us all fed, even did dishes and laundry. We enjoyed a nice family nap this afternoon. After our nap Vita and I went to Babies R Us and she got me a baby sling :D It's complicated enough to have to have an instructional DVD. It can be worn in 5 or more ways and it looks really comfortable. I'll figure it out tomorrow. I also got the greatest present ever from Britni today :) It's a personalized picture frame with all Tristan's birth info on it. I LOVE it! I went online and just ordered one for Noah too. My friend Sarah also stopped by and gave me all her old nursing tops and a gift card! I'm glad all this good stuff happened today because I was quite sad about my parents leaving this morning. I miss having family around... especially when there are babies involved. Noah asked about Grandma and Grandpa a few times and pouted a bit,…

Doctor Appointments

I took Noah and Tristan for their checkups today. My Mom came with me and I can't imagine how stressful it would have been if she hadn't. I am not looking forward to my parents leaving. Hopefully, Josh will get some orders soon so we can stop living like this.

Anyway... Noah had to get 3 shots :( He is SO STRONG!! He managed to sit up and lift his legs off the table with the nurse and I holding him down. That's my least favorite part... pinning down my babies so they can get poked. He refuses to remove his band aids and I don't mind that at all. I guess they offer some comfort. He doesn't seem to feel too bad.

Tristan got his heel pricked again. Poor baby is all black and blue now :( Babies just don't have good enough circulation for drawing blood from their little feet. She was squeezing him for at least 10 minutes while he wailed. When Tristan was weighed at 2 days old he was 7lbs 11ozs. Today he was a whoppin' 9lbs. The weight gain was so imp…

Noah and Tristan

Noah is gentle with Tristan, but he gets really excited so I get nervous. Which is what I should do haha. Trsitan is so laid back and he already is completely fascinated with Noah. The shirts they're wearing were from Grandpa and Grandma B. Aren't they great?! :D Noah is especially obsessed with Tristan's feet and hands. He loves giving him hugs and comforting him. He tells him he loves him often. I hope they stay this close as they grow up.

Playing Outside

Some of the first outings I have made with Tristan have been much needed walks to playgrounds and parks. The other day we drove over to the Duck Park. Tris stayed asleep the entire time in the stroller while Noah got rid of these bagels we've had in the house for almost a month. It scared me a little that they never molded. We've been taking walks every day for exercise and fresh air. I took Noah over to the nearby playground so he could burn some energy. Where he gets energy I have no idea because the boy only eats breakfast. Tristan was awake for the entire walk there, soaking in the sights and sounds (mostly the sounds). I nursed him at the playground and then he slept the whole way home. He's been a very easy baby so far. Last night, however, he decided he wanted to eat every 30 minutes from 6 until midnight. This wasn't as painful as it sounds. Good timing too since Noah was in bed by 8. Today he has been eating longer and on both sides, mostly. He i…

One Week Old!

Tristan is a week old today! He's doing better with feeding. Although right now he's still awake and kind of whiney, but I already fed him. I guess he just wants to be awake and then sleep really good at night (I hope). Our neighbors stopped by today and brought Tris an adorable outfit! She happens to be 7 months pregnant with her 4th right now. They were our first non-family visitors.

Noah's still doing really good with Tristan. He is gentle with him and doesn't show any signs of jealousy yet. I've had to scold him a few times about being more aware of his body when he's swinging it all around, jumping and rolling all over the place. He loves his little brother and wants to be near him all the time. I finally let him cuddle up with him today. Noah was so excited!!

My Dad installed some chain locks on my front and garage doors and backyard gates. Now when I am busy nursing I won't have to worry about Noah escaping. YAY! I can bribe him with play…

Almost Forgot

More positives! I lost 8 more lbs since I got back from the hospital!! Only 18 to go. I can't wait to get my old stomach back... or at least something closer to my old stomach :) AND my baby announcements have been shipped to me and will be out to everyone hopefully by the beginning of next week. I used shutterfly because it had the best multi-photo layouts and was very decent pricing.

First Day Out

I am in complete awe with Tristan. I was in complete awe with Noah too, but in a different way. I can't believe how small but perfect everything is... like his tiny little pinky nail. It's just so amazing. Tristan is so alert. He kept smiling at everyone today and I was hesitant to believe he knew what he was doing. He's only 5 days old! It was very odd, but I swear he was responding to our voices.

Noah seems ginormous now, especially his hands. He loooves his little brother. He pronounces his name "Trichan", but mostly he calls him "baby brudder". Today he was pretending to be falling off the boat (which was the bed) and he would say "OH NO Help, baby! Gimme your hand!" and grab Tristan's hand. He never actually pulled on it. He understands that Tristan is very small and fragile. He's been extremely gentle with him thus far and even runs to wash his hands before touching him. I've been doing more and more without the he…


The nurse came by to check up on Tristan and I. We're both doing great! He weighs 7lbs 11ozs now, but is nursing so often I'm sure that will change. My milk came in today. Ouch. I can sure fill out a shirt now, though! ;) hahaha Tris can already hold his head up. He's so strong! It's kinda weird. Noah was really strong too... maybe I just have tiny-headed babies. heh

Tristan and I dropped Josh off at the airport this morning at 6am. Again. I felt like I would be OK and I was... until he said goodbye to Tristan. It's just not fair :/ Noah's fine like always. There's enough people here to keep him distracted. I have been grumpy and depressed. I sniff sheets and cry a little. I cleaned and organized baby clothes and took over a lot of the Noah responsibilities again. Josh takes over the entire bedtime routine whenever he comes home. He's still on a plane or in an airport somewhere, feeling crappier than I ever would. He's going back …

Family Photos

V took some great shots of all of us. I haven't had the chance to look at my Mom's yet.

Tristan's Birth Story

Well as you all saw I went into labor at around 2:30 in the morning on the 13th. Josh and I had just come home from coffee with Kevin no more than 2 hours prior. Kevin has since shipped out and will be gone for the next 15 months. Maybe it was a mental thing... maybe it was physical... emotional... probably a combination of all three. I wanted Josh to see the baby before he left. I wanted Kevin to see the baby before he left. Well anyway, I went into labor :)

I stuck it out at home for quite a while, but I was eager to see how far I had progressed. I left once my contractions seemed painful enough and actually progressed. Trying to ride in a car or walk around a hospital can be rough past a certain point. We arrived at the hospital at around 6am. I was still able to laugh and joke and walk so I was half expecting them to say I was only 4cm, but I had managed to get to 6cm on my own and was admitted. I was left to my own devices for a few hours before they checked me again.…

We're Home

We were released early yesterday and are resting at home now. I will make some time to share Tristan's birth story with everyone sometime soon. Here's a short summary. It was fast and furious and I swore I'd never do it again. Not too long after that, I reconsidered. I've got plenty of time to think about it! I feel fine. I was up and walking less than an hour after giving birth. Tristan is really alert and wants to eat every hour (about 15mins on one side only). He will stay awake for an hour or so at a time and just follow everyones' voices with his eyes. He's insanely strong already too. Thanks Dad B. for the flowers!! Thanks Brit for the pictures! :D We also got Paige's announcement yesterday. Very sweet :)

I'll post again soon. A nurse is coming out to the house tomorrow to check up on Tris and I. Josh's flight takes off at 8:34am. I'm sure I'll have more to say later. I'm going to cuddle with my babies before we…