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Lions and Lambs

We have a saying in the States about March: it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  Wouldn't you know, it applies to Spain too!  We have had some really warm days when I busted out the old dusty flip flops and get to airing out my toes.  Then we woke up one day to SNOW!  First snow of the year, and we had no idea it was going to happen.  It was pretty exciting :)  It only snowed in a few of the neighborhoods, and we were one of those lucky few who got to see it.  There was enough stuck to the ground for Noah to make snowballs, and enough to freak Charlie out a bit.  It was Charlie's first snow!

We stayed inside and cleaned a bit, but mostly made much more mess than I am able to keep up with.  I took advantage of the cruddy weather to try potty training Brennan again.  No dice.  He did better, but he still doesn't understand.  I don't think he's aware of the sensations of having to use the bathroom yet.  He goes if I put him on the pot, but he pees his pa…

Manzanares el Real Reboot

Since we were so impressed with Manzanares el Real on Thursday and since Josh and Noah missed out on all the fun... we went again :)  It was just as impressive, but a whole lot windier which made it a little chilly.  Since it was a Saturday we got to eat lunch before going up to the castle.  OK actually we went all the way up to find that they were closed for lunch from 1:30-3:30 so... why not.  We knew it'd be open at least!
Things started off a little rough.  The kids were misbehaving and very whiny, but once they chowed down on some fries and chorizo they were suddenly perfect angels.  Imagine that!  I had the salmon and it was outSTANDing.  Josh had a huge steak, which was also delicious.  

We were done at just the right time to get our tickets.  Hooray!  Everyone was full and happy as we trekked up the hill to the castle.  Noah was excited and thoroughly enjoyed the Victorian music playing through the speakers (a treat reserved for the weekends I guess).  We got to spend a lo…

Manzanares el Real

Yesterday we left relatively early with Goober and Mama C to see another castle in nearby Manzanares el Real.  The castle was built in 1475 by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella's personal architect Juan Guas (the style was dubbed "Isabelline Gothic").  This was only a couple decades before the unification of Spain in 1492 after the fall of Granada.  Josh is reading a book about Spain's history during this time period so I imagined Cristofero Colon walking through the archway to have audience with the King and Queen about funding his historic voyage "around the world".

Upon arriving we thought it best for us to all empty our bladders at the nearby Repsol station, which held its own little surprise.  The Fuente de las Ermitas, built sometime in the 1400's, that was still in use until 1992 and was just sitting there outside of a junkyard... being historic.  We sat on the old stone benches (which Brennan called diaper changers) and mused about how astonish…