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Excuses Excuses

I haven't been posting as often as I used to, but that's about to change. I finally moved my laptop out of my room and into the office. Before, any time I had free time it was because Tristan was asleep and I would avoid going into my room because I didn't want to wake him. I was putting it off because I know it's going to be hard not to sit here and piddle around all day. Then I remembered... I have an infant so that would be impossible anyway haha. Also Noah hasn't been taking naps anymore. He will on very rare occasions, but for the most part he is awake from 7am 'til 8pm. He's a big boy now and requires my undivided attention alllll day long :) Right now he's sitting behind me on my chair asking "what doing up here, mommy?".

I tried desperately to get a good picture of Noah and Tristan for our Christmas card this year. Here's some of the cute ones that I'm not using. I think I finally got a good one. We might try again l…


This is the card Noah made for Kevin. It's going to be late, but we're still sending it because it's so CUTE! This is the first time I've seen Noah draw a person before!

Tristan looked adorable in his special "Baby's First Thanksgiving" outfit I got him from Babies R Us. We had a little Thanksgiving celebration. Vita and I cooked a big dinner and had Brandon over to help us eat it all. Every one of our other friends went out of town to their family's homes to celebrate. I didn't take many pictures because my camera's been acting a bit crazy lately. I saw my same Kodak in the Wal-Mart black Friday ad. It was actually the next step up from my current one... and it was an awesome sale. I told Vita I wanted it really bad. She went out and bought it for me! I was completely shocked, almost cried I was so happy.

I LOVE this new camera. It can take the old camera's batteries, charge on the same docking station, has all the same button…

I want to sing. I want to dance. I want to shake my booty!!

WE FINALLY GOT ORDERS!! Josh will be leaving Germany in December, destination: Georgia. He's going to be an instructor so he WILL NOT DEPLOY! We'll finish his enlistment out over there, together and happy. We're planning to spend Christmas with his family in Kansas. Wish us luck trying to sell a house during the holiday season! :P

Trying Out the Jumper

Tristan actually looks a whole lot better in this thing than Noah did at this age. He really liked it! He loves when I hold him upright so he can see everything now. He also cries now because he wants to face forward in the carrier or sling. I guess I've got another curious boy on my hands. Noah was really excited about it too. I had to keep guard while he tried to swing and spin and bounce poor Tristan. I only had to tell him no a couple times and he understood. He found something else to occupy his time and "fixed" the jumper. He was also playing peek-a-boo with Tris while laying underneath. He's still so patient with him. He has yet to show any jealousy. He just loves when I let him play with Tristan.

This was Tristan right before we went back to Kohl's for some more Christmas shopping. He is just so stinkin' CUTE! I feel fortunate to have such eerily adorable baby boys :) They were both great at the store. The picture frames were buy one get on…

My Little Josh Clones

I posted this one on Myspace, but I forgot to post it here. I'm not as skinny as I look I swear. I am sucking it in and I hadn't eaten yet. After I eat I look about 3 months pregnant ;) But, yes... I am proud of how I bounced back and I appreciate the compliments people left me on Myspace.

Noah and I found this cool bug. No idea what it is... maybe a cicada? He keps calling it a grasshopper and I would say "yeah it does kind of look like a grasshopper, but I think it's something else". I hate when I don't know the actual name of something. I love being Mommy-knows-all with my kids. I guess eventually I won't be, but until that time comes I want them to think I am a genius hahhaha. I think that's reasonable ;)

Here's a picture of Tristan sitting up. I believe he stayed that way for a whole second! Just enough time for me to snap a picture. He looks like a disgruntled old man hehehe. I just love those big fat baby jowls.

Noah got more din…

Had to Share

2 months old!

Here are my faves from Tristan's photo shoot. I ended up doing them myself.

Allie and Josh Update

I've been doing just fine, thank you. I get to have a game night every weekend with Karrie and Clint. They bring CJ over and the boys watch movies until they fall asleep while we play games outside and have a few drinks. Last weekend we played some 90's trivial pursuit. It was SO FUN! I wish Josh were here to enjoy it as well, but I guess you can't have it all. We are crazy and stupid and it's wonderful. I know Josh would love them as much as I do. I wish we could take them with us! The pic of Karrie and I was us doing the leprechaun leap hahaha.

I've been trying to get out with the baby more often so that he gets used to his car seat. He used to scream the entire time he was in it, but now I think we have a system down. He hardly ever wails in the car now. There are certain times of the day I have to go run errands and then he usually sleeps the whole time. I remember with Noah I never would leave the house because I was all about getting him on a sche…

Noah Update

Noah's been eating a whole lot better now. I don't have to argue with him EVERY time, just on a few occasions... which are never predictable. He recites his lines I gave him about eating in random orders as he goes "high 5! big and strong! muscles, grow big. me BIG BROTHER. chew and swallow. big like CJ. I like meat, mommy! I like food. I eat my food"... none of it really is in sentence form. He just will say a new catch phrase after every bite or so. The other day he ate salad AND ASKED FOR MORE! That's right, it's not a typo. I'm glad he's finally eating. Dinner is much more fun to cook now that I have someone to enjoy it with :)

He's still crazy as ever. I very seldom put him down for naps anymore. Really I just don't have the time if that makes any sense. Unless we have a very busy day or he wakes up early, he does fine without a nap. He's talking a whole lot more and I think it has a lot to do with him playing with CJ a lot. CJ is…

Tristan Update

My Tristan is fattening up quite nicely. He has busted out of almost all of his newborn clothes! Tristan's eyes are starting to change. I can see them getting more brown-looking, but they still seem like they're going to be lighter than Noah's. I can't believe he's almost 2 months old already!

It's much easier to get Tristan to smile now. He's definitely doing it on purpose. He also is grabbing at objects now... successfully. I don't remember how soon Noah was doing this, but it sure seems early! He will get a huge smile on his face when he successfully bops a toy with his little balled up baby fist. It's adorable :)

His vision has gotten better as well apparently because he will be relaxing on his blanket and start staring at the TV. I popped in the Baby Einstein Language Nursery video and he stopped crying and watched in Noah's little chair. This was great because it was the first time he didn't scream for 30 minutes straight while I…

Been a Little Busy

I've been trying desperately to find time to clean my house. I finally found it! Karrie took Noah away for a few hours and that made everything sooo much easier. He was getting on my last nerve! He just refuses to listen on days when I can't really play with him too much. It's his way of getting attention. When he got back from Karrie's he was his normal angelic (HA!) self again.

Karrie also helped me set up Tristan's new room. She basically did everything because I was too busy nursing. Unfortunately that day I hadn't eaten very well so my milk quality was crap and poor Tris was never satisfied. We put the crib together in the hallway and then realized it wouldn't fit through the doorway so we had to take a lot of it back apart. Luckily none of it required the tools again cuz we're smart like that and were able to figure it out. We had a really fun time doing it :) We're both so used to doing everything ourselves (her hubby was deployed …