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He's home :) I have him until the 15th. YAY!

Medina Lake

This is a picture I took up at Medina Lake. So shocked something this pretty is in San Antonio-ish area. Mayhaps I misunderestimated San Antonio. I have been exploring a lot more recently. I think I am finally accepting that I actually do live here and I need to make it home as much as possible. I'm still holding out for Europe, though. Sigh... I want to be in Europe so freakin' badly. 3 years is fine, it's not too long, it's perfect. I'll be happy with wherever we go as long as I've finally got Josh back with me, but I would definitely prefer a change of scenery.

My logic is screaming at me right now about my job and money and savings. It's telling me to shut the hell up, I don't realize how good we have it here. Know what, logic?!??!! I do realize it. I know how hard it can be. I know people would die to have it this good. Yet, I think we'd have it good anywhere!!! SO HA! Everything is what you make of it. OK, so we won't hav…

nothing goes as planned

They called me at work to let me know that Noah had fallen asleep on the floor, looked a little purple, had diahrreah, didn't eat, threw up and was very lethargic and whiney. So, I left work to go rescue my poor little man. Problem is, this is corporate America so now I have to either flex the time while Josh is home or use vacation hours before Josh comes home. So, I will not be able to attend my sister's baby shower. Had I gone to the ER and wasted 4 hours for them to tell me "he's got the flu, it's going around" then I could log it as sick hours with my handy dandy Dr. note. I am not going to stress about it too much. But, talk about timing.

I got him home and he immediately passed out in his crib, not even a minute later... it's almost scary. I am not scared, though, because I JUST HAD THIS over the weekend. I know it's only going to be this bad for one day, but the whole crappy feeling will last about 3... a little more. I'm glad I al…

saving is for losers anyway

I won a brand new Panasonic M53 DVD camcorder on ebay complete with 3 DVD's for $355. I am pretty proud of myself for that. I did quite a bit of research. I think I got a great deal.

I also finally settled on a contractor to come put in new windows and a new sliding glass door. The horrid condition of our current windows simply cannot be tolerated any longer. They're single pane aluminum with no seals, no screens and most don't have locks. I feel unsafe. Plus my gas/elec bill is more than for a home twice the size and twice the population of mine. SCREW THAT! A couple times that damn bill got up to $250+ in the summer... ridonkulous. Call me crazy, but I feel another hot hot summer coming on. Shit, I need to get the AC in the Honda fixed... oh and tinted windows. Saturday. Sorry, just thinking and typing.

So goes the boringness of my life. Saddest part is that I am extremely excited about both. I did a lot of research and freakin made some great decisions. I…

it's morning... again

My throat is KILLING ME! I am fairly certain that the coughing and the achiness and the runny noses that Noah and have had this past week is due to allergies. Why? because it gets better throughout the day and then worse again at night. So, it's indoor allergies... my solution?

The Aprilaire indoor air cleaner. We also need our ducts and crap cleaned out. I doubt it has EVER been done and the house is nearly 25 years old. So, that's what's on my menu today. Air cleaner shopping and air duct cleaning pricing or whatnot and also I am going to get a Dyson. I still want windows really bad too :P At least I'm not talking about shoes!! This is responsible spending... right? ok we're outta here.

i need bras too yuk... i hate bra shopping :/

I HATE being late

I have been trying to work extra to make up for appointments I have. Then today I end up waking late and I will be losing 2 fuckin' hours because of it so I might just stay until 6. DAMMIT! I just can't sleep at night and it's catching up to me. My body won't wake up and my allergies keep me dead to the world. I only wake up when I hear Noah. Today I don't remeber a damn thing about an alarm clock or anything. I don't even remember falling asleep. Oh well.

I have to feed Noah breakfast because we missed 8am breffast at daycare. I think he's done eating. Now it's time to do the walk of shame. I am going to get written up. I expect to. I would write myself up. Two days ago I was an hour late, today 2 hours. I wouldn't hate my supe for it.

I didn't hear from Josh last night. He was feeling the same as I. Neither of us had enough sleep. I am betting he slept a good 16hrs finally. It just catches up to us eventually. I love you, ba…