I HATE being late

I have been trying to work extra to make up for appointments I have. Then today I end up waking late and I will be losing 2 fuckin' hours because of it so I might just stay until 6. DAMMIT! I just can't sleep at night and it's catching up to me. My body won't wake up and my allergies keep me dead to the world. I only wake up when I hear Noah. Today I don't remeber a damn thing about an alarm clock or anything. I don't even remember falling asleep. Oh well.

I have to feed Noah breakfast because we missed 8am breffast at daycare. I think he's done eating. Now it's time to do the walk of shame. I am going to get written up. I expect to. I would write myself up. Two days ago I was an hour late, today 2 hours. I wouldn't hate my supe for it.

I didn't hear from Josh last night. He was feeling the same as I. Neither of us had enough sleep. I am betting he slept a good 16hrs finally. It just catches up to us eventually. I love you, babe :)


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