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Josh finally got his transfer cable and battery for his camera in the mail. Since my camera was broken when he came home for R&R we used his to take pictures and he brought the camera back with him. He left the cable at home and lost the battery who knows where. SOOOOO I am finally going to get to see the R&R pics... our anniversary :) This was back in April. He's sent me a few already, but when he gets home he's going to send me the rest.


This is a pic of Noah and I talking to Josh on the webcam.

Josh is headed back to his usual base, which is great because where he is right now is a lot more dangerous than over there. I hate when he's on a convoy, though! AHHHHH! Oh well. I think I am going to just simmer down and go to sleep. It's really nice tonight, maybe a book would help me to relax. Gnite y'all ;) haha

Yes they are 8x10's... is there a problem with that?!



I thought I would share my picture walls with everyone. Though, you really cannot see every picture you CAN see that I have a bit of an obsession. I love my family and we're all so darn good-looking. Much more attractive than paint, anyway. I think it makes my house interesting, makes it feel more like a home.

I also have random pictures in every other room of the house. I try to change them up every once in awhile. Someone will send me a new one and I'll replace the old one I had up. I feel bad for the guys who have to pack this stuff up.
1- Because I will be breathing down their necks
2- Because it's going to be a long, greuling process of wrapping and packing carefully
I'll probably end up getting all control freak and just packing them myself. Josh still has a lot out in Iraq that need shipped back. I've got plenty of wall space left in our bedroom. I've been forcing myself not to cover the guest room walls. I just …


This child loves to get his picture taken. As soon as he sees the camera he starts posing haha.

Cutest Baby Ever

We had a great weekend. All my friends came over for a BBQ and Noah was a little angel. Then he was an even bigger angel on Father's Day (aka my birthday) and he was helping me out around the house and giving me lots of kisses and hugs. We got to talk to Josh on the webcam and Noah kept waving and smiling and laughing. He tried to sign "I love you" (which I'm glad Josh got to see because it's hilarious) and he blew daddy kisses and said "BYE" about a million times. I'm pretty sure we gave Josh a good Father's Day. As good as we could!

I gave Noah a haircut today so he looks all old again. He loves it though because he thinks he's older than he actually is. Which is fine because that's how I treat him. Anyway I just thought I'd share my happiness and cuteness with everyone now that I finally have a camera again!!! :D Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee.

Long Overdue

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I live a pretty busy life, yet somehow it manages to not seem blog-worthy. My mom just came to visit me for my birthday (early... it's not until June 18th). We hadn't seen each other for over a year. TOO LONG! I was so glad she came to visit. We had a few late night conversations about our favorite topic: religion. She's pretty much the only person who I get that deep with on the topic. She understand me, I understand her... we're both really spiritual, but not religious. I really missed those conversations. When she left I felt like I had nothing to worry about. The things I had been worrying about were so trivial and pointless... politics and whatnot. I mean, what time do I really have to worry about that?! Granted, I will always have an opinion and I'll be an activist. But, I really would rather not worry about the state of the nation as much as I have been. I will worry about what I can control.

Noah's bee…