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Birthday Blog

Yesterday was great! I took the boys to Fort Discovery, which is a big science museum. Noah is still a little young for all the exhibits, but he still had a lot of fun. Tristan crawled around for awhile in the little kids room, but for the most part he just hung out in the carrier and soaked in the sights. I think next time I will bring the stroller. It was our first visit so I didn't know how crowded or stroller friendly it would be.

We came home for lunch and Josh had sneaked in earlier and left my present and a card on the dining table. He got me a drawing pen and pad for the computer!! I can't wait to hook it up and start practicing my computer art :D He also had a song playing on repeat for me that reminds him of moi :) It was quite romantic (it's country, you've been warned if you hate country). That's my baby. It's nice to have him home.

Look At You Girl Chris LeDoux

Once Josh got home we headed out to Carrabbas Italian Grill and it was SOOOOO GO…

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

GUESS WHAT!!! The powers that be took that 1% chance and made it happen... he's not going to deploy!! :D What a great birthday present :)

Once his chain of command found out about some other (not so "special") guys coming back to the unit, they took Josh out and put them in for the deployment. They said "no way you're leaving, we need you!". I am so relieved!! We WILL get to spend Josh's birthday, Noah's birthday, Tristan's birthday, Thanksgiving, the Bubba Run, Christmas, and New Year's together as a FAMILY!! That would have been a LOT to miss.

I still can't believe it!! :D :D :D

Thanks everyone for your support! I'm so happy he's staying! :D

SURPRISE!!! ::throws up::

Well, I guess it's not bad enough to puke. It's 99% confirmed that Josh will be leaving for 6 months to Kuwait starting in August (that's 6 weeks). The money will be nice. So far that's all I've come up with for positives. My list of negatives is like a mile long, but I will keep that to myself. I hate holidays anyway. Oh well! I'm sure it will go by really fast. When all is said and done we'll have enough money to get our land or whatever and blah blah blah. It sucks, but what can you do?

Father's Day

Our Father's Day was pretty low-key. Josh slept in while we snuck out to get him some donuts. Noah was excited when he woke up because he was finally allowed to give Daddy the card he made for him. He wrote all the letters himself. I just had to tell him which one came next :)

We went out to lunch and shopped around a little. Then Josh went to his soccer game and we stayed here (Tris was still down for his nap). When Tris woke up I took the boys and Bosley for a walk in the woods. Josh got done with his game and we grilled up some steaks. It was like every other weekend, but there was a card involved.

It's Flag Day

One of the little known holidays in Amurrica (W-ism) is Flag Day. I never knew when Flag Day was really, until last year. It just so happens to be Trista's birthday today and her sister pointed out that she was born on Flag Day... which is painfully significant. So Happy Birthday, Trista! I can't believe it's been almost a whole year.

We're doing a little prep work for tomorrow. Josh happens to have duty again today. Last time he had it was the day before Mother's Day. I am starting to think his unit hates him and his little family too. Thankfully this time he'll be home by 9pm instead of 6am like last time. I will post more "prep work" pictures tomorrow or Monday. I don't want to ruin anything for Daddy.

Tristan was officially 9 months old yesterday! I guess my standing prediction was wrong. He's getting better, but he's so curious about his surroundings that his desire to try and stand up on his own is pretty much nil. Standi…

More New Stuff

We have been wanting a new dining room table for quite some time now. Ours is waaaaay too small... we can't even fit food on it :P So anyway, we found one at Sam's that has a flip-out leaf and came with 8 chairs for an awesome price. Wooohooo! Plus it really goes well with our living room furniture!

Also... I did my best to get a shot of Tristan's new top teeth. You can see 3 of them! He has one more hiding out under his lip.


Did I mention Bosley was overjoyed that we were home?? Because he is. He's like another kid, vying for my attention. I read about Beagles and how they're so difficult to train because of their noses and curiosity. I really don't need him to be "trained", just well-behaved. He's doing fabulous now. He still barks and acts scared when he sees Josh in uniform, but he's eating and playing like a normal dog now.

While we were in Ohio we got to play the Nintendo Wii. I loved it!!! For 2 days afterwards my entire upper body was sore from boxing, bowling, and playing tennis. We had been talking about buying a PS3, but I think the Wii is much better. It's actual exercise and even Noah can play. He loves baseball, golf, boxing, and bowling... so pretty much everything. I took a video of him golfing. I'll have to upload it to YouTube. You can download old Nintendo and Sega games (and every other system) as well. I am big into Zelda :) Nintendo…

We're Home (and I finally am going to blog)

We made it home from Ohio! YAY!! Driving at night is better for the kids (and therefore better for us) but it's ROUGH! The drive home is always worse than the drive there. Anyway...

We had a great visit. I finally got to show Josh Mill Creek Park and the Nelson-Kennedy Ledges. I forgot to bring my camera to Mill Creek. Oh well! We got to see everyone and had ample time to visit with all the family... well almost all. I would have liked to visit with Rachel, Daniel, and Ben more, but life is life. I think 2 weeks was just long enough, but not too long. We were able to attend Caleb's graduation party. He graduated top 10% of his class, got to sit on the stage during graduation :) Way to go Caleb!! We got some nice family pictures taken down by the creek. And much fun was had by all. I think I'm just going to post some pictures and leave it at that. I just don't feel like writing and I feel that pictures do indeed speak louder than words sometimes. I have…