Did I mention Bosley was overjoyed that we were home?? Because he is. He's like another kid, vying for my attention. I read about Beagles and how they're so difficult to train because of their noses and curiosity. I really don't need him to be "trained", just well-behaved. He's doing fabulous now. He still barks and acts scared when he sees Josh in uniform, but he's eating and playing like a normal dog now.

While we were in Ohio we got to play the Nintendo Wii. I loved it!!! For 2 days afterwards my entire upper body was sore from boxing, bowling, and playing tennis. We had been talking about buying a PS3, but I think the Wii is much better. It's actual exercise and even Noah can play. He loves baseball, golf, boxing, and bowling... so pretty much everything. I took a video of him golfing. I'll have to upload it to YouTube. You can download old Nintendo and Sega games (and every other system) as well. I am big into Zelda :) Nintendo makes it way too easy to spend money... the wii has a wireless connection in it, and you can d-load from the console. You can also send wii-mail and challenge others to games. My sister and brothers all have the console so I suspect we'll be playing together someday. Bring on the Dr. Mario tournament!!! I love me some Dr. Mario.

I thought I would mention that Tristan is a pig. He is. I swear to you he eats every 2 hours and acts like he's starving to death every time. I would fear the possibility of a tapeworm, but he's been this way since birth. Breastfeeding a big ol' hoss of a baby is stressful, let me tell you. He's almost 9 months old and is already getting pretty good at the self feeding. Normally I would shudder at the sight of such a young baby with such big hunks of food, but he handles it all really well. He ate that entire banana, a jar of baby food, half a gerber tub of fruit, and half of that zwieback toast. He's a MONSTER!!! Must be a growth spurt.


Haley Elizabeth said…
OMG! I think he eats more then Haley does. haha. J/k. I think the sooner you start them on real food the better. We learned our lesson with Haley. Now, she won't try any new or grown up food still.
Jen said…
I love our Wii. Its is so much fun and active for the whole family. I love your new layout, fits you perfect!! I'm happy you are no longer alone and your hubby is there!! I bet you are too.
Britni said…
Wii is fun! We had one but we didn't play it enough so we sold it ....Mark was playing his xbox360 more anyways...then it broke....so yes I am sure he wishes he had his Wii back now! He created so many cool celebrity me's ,haha..
I can't believe Tristan & his eating! Ember has always been a great eater too. I love it! She eats the same portions as Ava & on some occations eats more!

Good for you & hitting the 9 month nursing mark! I'm so proud of you! It's such a huge accomplishment really.
Amalia said…
Wow! I have been outta the loop for a while! We just got a wii too! We love love it. I like tennis, boxing and golf. I am pretty good at golf and boxing. :) I want the dancing game and the wii fit. We havent put our key in for the wireless becuase russell lost it. :( so we havent even played with Dloads! I love that pic of Tristan, he is so frickin adorible I just want to pinch his cheeks!

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