Did I mention Bosley was overjoyed that we were home?? Because he is. He's like another kid, vying for my attention. I read about Beagles and how they're so difficult to train because of their noses and curiosity. I really don't need him to be "trained", just well-behaved. He's doing fabulous now. He still barks and acts scared when he sees Josh in uniform, but he's eating and playing like a normal dog now.

While we were in Ohio we got to play the Nintendo Wii. I loved it!!! For 2 days afterwards my entire upper body was sore from boxing, bowling, and playing tennis. We had been talking about buying a PS3, but I think the Wii is much better. It's actual exercise and even Noah can play. He loves baseball, golf, boxing, and bowling... so pretty much everything. I took a video of him golfing. I'll have to upload it to YouTube. You can download old Nintendo and Sega games (and every other system) as well. I am big into Zelda :) Nintendo makes it way too easy to spend money... the wii has a wireless connection in it, and you can d-load from the console. You can also send wii-mail and challenge others to games. My sister and brothers all have the console so I suspect we'll be playing together someday. Bring on the Dr. Mario tournament!!! I love me some Dr. Mario.

I thought I would mention that Tristan is a pig. He is. I swear to you he eats every 2 hours and acts like he's starving to death every time. I would fear the possibility of a tapeworm, but he's been this way since birth. Breastfeeding a big ol' hoss of a baby is stressful, let me tell you. He's almost 9 months old and is already getting pretty good at the self feeding. Normally I would shudder at the sight of such a young baby with such big hunks of food, but he handles it all really well. He ate that entire banana, a jar of baby food, half a gerber tub of fruit, and half of that zwieback toast. He's a MONSTER!!! Must be a growth spurt.


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