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Josh called me and SURPRISE he's already in Germany! :D I was expecting him to be in Kuwait, but I guess he snuck his way onto earlier flights. That means only one more week before my baby comes home. YAY!

We are going to watch a movie and relax. We've been going since 7am. We had to take my friend Kevin to the hospital for a shoulder surgery... then pick him up. I washed the car really really well, did some laundry, dishes. Noah only was able to get a 1hr nap in because we had to go back to the hospital. I haven't been sleeping well for about a week now (gee I wonder why... anticipation, maybe? haha). Maybe we'll take a nice nap on the couch together :)


Jennifer's puppy Emma arrived today! She's really sweet with Noah. He calls her "mama". It's adorable. They're adorable together.


Just wanted to share this picture, Jennifer was covering him in chalk. It was hilarious.


Yesterday I received a gorgeous bouquet of purple orchids from my hubby :) I love him. He sends me flowers every month. Of course I love the cards that come with them the most. SOON! He's on an airbase right now, waiting for a flight to Kuwait. Only a matter of time before he finally gets to come home to me.

Also... I spent about 3 hours pulling weeds in the backyard yesterday. Today I am so sore and I have a couple blisters on my hands (but I wore gloves!) and a nice sunburn on only my back. It really needed done, still does. It's a lot cloudier today so maybe I'll go back out there and finish the job. Mowing weeds down is just not enough. I think that's how we got into this mess in the first place. My yard looks like a jungle! I was exhausted and it felt great. Noah was really good the entire time. He just played with dirt and the broom. I bought him a little pair of gloves too which he wants me to put on him so he can take them off about 5 seconds la…


So, for whatever reason I counted everything but the pennies from "Noah's College Fund" (which is just a plastic canister we put all our change into). I was shocked, we easily have about $100 in change if you add the pennies!!! Now my hands smell like dirty pennies hahaha. I even washed them a couple times. I think I might have a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder... what kind of sane person sorts and counts change for fun (hehehe we'll just call it organized).

OK now for the important stuff... Noah's Dr. visit went very well. He only had to get one shot and I considered the nurse's comment "WOW he's strong!" to be a compliment. He's 35" tall, which is above average and he's a little over 27lbs, which is below average. His legs are soooo long (like mommy's). He was such a good boy for the Dr. I really hope we can stay with him. Noah even walked out of the room with him, holding his hand, to go get a sticker. Noah i…

the time is near

I've been going a little insane, trying to keep myself in a rut and not think about Josh coming home. It's proven to be pretty much impossible. I keep imagining running to him at the airport... finally being able to stop worrying that I'll never see him again. I couldn't begin to express the relief I'll feel, or how hard it is to push back the weakness I want to feel day in and day out. I took a drive today with Noah and just cried. I guess that's how I deal with stress? I felt a lot better afterwards. Maybe I should cry more often!

We went to the grocery store right after that and bought pizza-making supplies and had a great time. Noah loves to eat handfuls of cheese out of the bag. Then we built a boat with his big blocks and played in that for a while. Noah dumped an entire drawer of toys into his boat and proceeded to push them all around. It gave me an idea! I filled the boat with all his stuffed animals instead and he kept jumping into them... …


OK... well I wasted a trip out to the dumb hospital. I walked in the door and they said no. Seriously, I didn't even sign in. I didn't talk to anyone but the Tricare bouncer. Reasoning? "We aren't approving anyone with Tricare Prime, just Standard" which means if Noah himself were in the military, he could maaaaaybe get approved to go to a civilian doctor.

So guess what I did. I went to the civilian doctor, told them to take my other healthcare off and made an appointment for Tuesday. Would they really deny payment? I mean... really? He's a doctor on their approved list. I just have to pay the $12 co-payment. I just hope this isn't something I regret later.


I am going to the military hospital to apply for civilian care... since I already have a civilian pediatrician who takes tricare, but I never did it "on the record". Wish me luck. I love his civilian doctor and he's really close to the house. I can't put it off any longer. :P

good day :)

I got to hang out with my friends Trista and Marisa (and Xavier, of course) today and met a new friend Holly. Trista's heading back to Alaska and then she's off to Iraq so it was good to see her before she left. Marisa is moving back to California. Thank God we all have Myspace. I'll miss them.

Noah and I were both in a good mood today so we got some very cute pictures! Here's my favorite one. Look how happy we are :) Josh already had to disconnect his internet. Only a couple more weeks and he'll be home for an entire month. One whole month where neither of us have to answer to anyone. Time is FLYING!!! :D


I've been waking up with really awful headaches lately... maybe it's the difference in pressure from the rain. They last all day and they make it difficult to sleep at night. I'm hoping since it stopped raining maybe the pressure will go back to normal and it'll go away... perhaps some outside time will whack the thing out of my head. On a more positive note...

Look what Noah got in the mail yesterday from Grandma! :D I had these blocks growing up and they're only the greatest toy of all time. We played with these every single day. We made cars, planes, houses, ballroom floors... anything and everything :) These blocks were the toy of my childhood. I can't believe my mom got them! I thought they were discontinued. Joy of joys :D

Today is 9/11

Josh got a huge cake in Iraq with a picture of the twin towers on it. How tasteless is that. This isn't a birthday! I don't have much to say. I think it's sad how much the parties are trying to use this tragedy to rally voter support.

On a side note. Not a single hijacker was from Iraq or Afghanistan. What the hell are we doing there!? I guess we're too close to Saudi Arabia and the UAE to do anything about it.

This is very very interesting. Bush Sr. tells us why they didn't take out Sadaam the first time around. Well what do you know... HE WAS RIGHT! OK, enough browsing. I am getting too angry.

September in Texas...

I think I've been in Texas so long that it's going to shock my system to actually be cold. I blew Noah's little pool up today since it wasn't too extremely hot (only 90-ish) and we swam all day, pretty much. Yes I said we ;) Although, I guess I mostly just kinda laid there. Then I gave myself a leg workout by kicking the sides so I could make waves for the crazy boy. He was going nuts. We had a lot of fun today. I even let him mess with the hose for a while. He also made some wonderful mud. I was having fun watching him. He suddenly got the idea to fill his water table and I had all this stuff sitting on it so he ran it into the house. I don't know, I guess it's not that amazing, but I was in awe watching him go through the process... ok, better put the hose down... ok now where to put all this crap... not the deck, they'll get wet there... ah! inside the house... move them out of the door so I can close it... close the door. I even got it on fi…

I remember...

My roommate got her bonus check on Friday. She and a coworker basically dared each other to be spontaneous so... they went to Chicago for the weekend. How awesome is that!? I'm jealous. I remember when we were able to be spontaneous. Now everything requires planning and I do mean EVERYTHING. This does not mean I regret having Noah. I was just reminiscing. I can't wait for our roadtrip. It's going to be flippin' awesome.


For all you working people out there, FRIDAY IS FINALLY HERE! :D I made it through my first week of unemployment without killing anything or anyone. YAY! Today we're mostly focusing on eyes so we made masks for our craft. We look totally awesome!

Here's our little crafts for the week. Tuesday it rained all day so we made a picture of the rain. Wednesday we played with a lot of play-doh and have nothing to show for it. Thursday we made a freakish face. Friday, of course, the masks. Fun times :)

Nap Break

This month at Noah's Home Preschool we will be studying facial features and the senses. These go well together since they're mostly all collocated. Today we played with Mr. Potato Head and watched Baby DaVinci (body parts). Then we went to the duck park and pet store to look at how animals' faces are different, but still have the same parts. Oh and we got him some new shoes because his are waaaay too small. I got a great deal! :) Right now I am going to cut out some eyes and ears and noses and mouths so we can make a cool face when Noah wakes up. He seems much much happier with me home. I love that :) Here's him putting his shoes on all by himself. There's a video on his site as well.

Thus far I haven't been too bored or stir crazy. I am enjoying the free time. Although, I'm such a scheduler that it's really not free time at all. I have a chore chart and a menu and a preschool curriculum. I am hoping that once all the planning is over I wi…

First Problem

We've hit the first tiny snag with unemployment. Basic Cable really sucks in the morning. For some reason I have more Spanish channels than English ones. Dawson's Creek or Despierta America. Decisions decisions. I'm glad I have the internet and a million or so girly movies. I should be sleeping, dangit. Paz Afuera, mi gente.

man... my nose is so broken lol