Nap Break

This month at Noah's Home Preschool we will be studying facial features and the senses. These go well together since they're mostly all collocated. Today we played with Mr. Potato Head and watched Baby DaVinci (body parts). Then we went to the duck park and pet store to look at how animals' faces are different, but still have the same parts. Oh and we got him some new shoes because his are waaaay too small. I got a great deal! :) Right now I am going to cut out some eyes and ears and noses and mouths so we can make a cool face when Noah wakes up. He seems much much happier with me home. I love that :) Here's him putting his shoes on all by himself. There's a video on his site as well.

Thus far I haven't been too bored or stir crazy. I am enjoying the free time. Although, I'm such a scheduler that it's really not free time at all. I have a chore chart and a menu and a preschool curriculum. I am hoping that once all the planning is over I will still be content and not stir crazy :) Of course, by then Josh will be back! He's starting the 2 week journey home next week. I really wish I could be on the runway in Germany to greet him when he gets back :( The thought of him getting off that plane after being in the desert for a year... and me not being there really upsets me, but we simply cannot afford it. It's just not responsible. We'll close this entry with a nice shot of Noah excitedly handing me the keys when I mentioned ducks. He's saying "KEYS DUCK KEYS PLEASE DUCK!" Precious :)


Mark & Britni said…
Those pictures are so sweet :)He is a smart boy thats for sure!That is awsome that you get to spend all day with him now.I love teaching Ava new things,being a Mom is the best job in the world ,isn't it?!

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