September in Texas...

I think I've been in Texas so long that it's going to shock my system to actually be cold. I blew Noah's little pool up today since it wasn't too extremely hot (only 90-ish) and we swam all day, pretty much. Yes I said we ;) Although, I guess I mostly just kinda laid there. Then I gave myself a leg workout by kicking the sides so I could make waves for the crazy boy. He was going nuts. We had a lot of fun today. I even let him mess with the hose for a while. He also made some wonderful mud. I was having fun watching him. He suddenly got the idea to fill his water table and I had all this stuff sitting on it so he ran it into the house. I don't know, I guess it's not that amazing, but I was in awe watching him go through the process... ok, better put the hose down... ok now where to put all this crap... not the deck, they'll get wet there... ah! inside the house... move them out of the door so I can close it... close the door. I even got it on film. He's getting so big and I can slowly see all these tiny seeds of independence starting to take root and grow. It's a fun time right now.

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