the time is near

I've been going a little insane, trying to keep myself in a rut and not think about Josh coming home. It's proven to be pretty much impossible. I keep imagining running to him at the airport... finally being able to stop worrying that I'll never see him again. I couldn't begin to express the relief I'll feel, or how hard it is to push back the weakness I want to feel day in and day out. I took a drive today with Noah and just cried. I guess that's how I deal with stress? I felt a lot better afterwards. Maybe I should cry more often!

We went to the grocery store right after that and bought pizza-making supplies and had a great time. Noah loves to eat handfuls of cheese out of the bag. Then we built a boat with his big blocks and played in that for a while. Noah dumped an entire drawer of toys into his boat and proceeded to push them all around. It gave me an idea! I filled the boat with all his stuffed animals instead and he kept jumping into them... much softer. After that we went outside to watch the storm approaching. Noah kept pointing to the sky and saying "up there up there, yeah? woooow oh wow" about the lightning. Soon after that it started to rain so we went inside. We watched a little bit of "The Sound of Music" and then I whisked him off to bed. Here I sit listening to a few of my favorite things :)


Mark & Britni said…
You have always been just a big kid yourself!You guys have so much fun together.Crying does relief stress.I can't imagine being away from Mark for so long.It will be so nice for you once your together again.Hang in there. :)

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