I've been waking up with really awful headaches lately... maybe it's the difference in pressure from the rain. They last all day and they make it difficult to sleep at night. I'm hoping since it stopped raining maybe the pressure will go back to normal and it'll go away... perhaps some outside time will whack the thing out of my head. On a more positive note...

Look what Noah got in the mail yesterday from Grandma! :D I had these blocks growing up and they're only the greatest toy of all time. We played with these every single day. We made cars, planes, houses, ballroom floors... anything and everything :) These blocks were the toy of my childhood. I can't believe my mom got them! I thought they were discontinued. Joy of joys :D


Britni said…
I think you had these at your house when we first started hanging out, I remember them.How fun,it looks like Noah will have a blast with them!!!

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