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Mother's Day Resolution

On this day we appreciate and show gratitude for all those special women in our lives.  We recognize, as a whole country, the importance of the role of "mother".  So, it was interesting that I had an attack of self-loathing yesterday while we were celebrating early.  I don't deserve this.  I'm worthless, weak, a coward, a failure, lumpy and bumpy, crooked, broken <>.  It happens once in awhile.  It lasted until the morning despite my efforts (and Josh's) to help me process the REALITY from the emotional conditioning I've heaped onto myself over these 33 years of life.  It helped a little, but still I was feeling very guarded this morning.  Then I decided to write about it instead.  Here's what leaked out onto the page and liberated me from feeling worthless.  Maybe you can draw some insight or inspiration.  We all do it, or have done it at some point in time.


As a writer I look a…

Rose Garden

The flowers
Had a meeting today
They decided one type
Makes a better display
You may have been orange and tall by design
But we want only red and short
On vines
So one by one each type was cut
Until only roses were left


The garden wasn't made for the garden
The flowers don't exist for themselves
The bees and the birds were missing their perch
And the foxes suffered as well
Nothing alive is pointless
The weed, the bug, or you
We each have a role before us
And we exist for it as we do
When roses decide you're unwelcome
Remember you were never a rose
And even the weed is important
Realize your role and grow