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Learn... Change

"Learn... Change"

No matter how much you know
How well you eat
How safe you are
How aware you become
There is chaos
And it will come

It will swallow you up
Erase you
Drain you
It will take your feet
And force you to your knees
And remind you of the truth

You have no control

We can understand every law
But we can't stop gravity
We can cure an illness
But we still get sick

The one pure truth
Is that control is an illusion
A delusion we all suffer
We're just managing our symptoms
While learning to recover

Chaos is at the heart of change
Impossible to avoid
Prepare for the storm because it is wise
But remember
Preparation is not protection
It's just how we survive

Be ready for the chaos
Develop the tools to recover
But remember to embrace the lessons
All chaos has to offer

The point is to learn
The point is to change

It's not a punishment
It just is

It's not personal
It just exists

You don't fall because gravity didn't like what you did
You fall beca…