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one second

Noah got into my bag from work and I had a ziplock baggie with ibuprofen in it. I walked over from the bathroom, not even 2 minutes... and there he is, big grin, chewing up some ibuprofen. I did a few finger sweeps and got some particles out and then I tried the gag reflex, hoping I would make him puke it up... no luck. He just cried a lot.

So... 1-800-222-1222 is Poison Control in the San Antonio area for future reference. She said he didn't eat enough to cause more than maybe an upset stomach. Just feed him and give him fluids to help dilute it, sayeth the experts. Right now he's laughing and running and nothing seems to be wrong, but it's only been about 8 minutes... we shall see. He'll probably be fine.
I bought this shirt yesterday because it reminded me of Aunt Vita and her "Big Lebowski" obsession... and it's Browns colors too. It's only the best shirt ever. It has a hole in the armpit, but I couldn't make myself care enough to not buy it because I have a sewing machine and it was the LAST ONE! It's just too cute :)

Just for you, Aunt V

Happy "CC"

3 years ago today I gave this skinny, chain-smoking, white boy wearing a big blue wind breaker a second glance. I'd met him before, but never even tried to think of him any other way than "another one of her guy friends" ("her" being my best friend at the time). However, on February 19th that all changed. We ran into each other sort of hap-hazardly and just couldn't stop talking and smiling. The rest of that day we spent together and we have been together ever since.

I spared you all the sickening details. I could type for hours about how much I love him. I could recount memories for days about why I love him. But, I will keep those to myself :)

Happy Double C, Baby. I love you.

Ready For Monday... Almost

Monday is going to be my "big day off", without Noah. I've been trying to get the housecleaning done so that on Monday I really won't have anything "responsible" to take care of (except picking up my bro-in-law from the airport, which is easy since it's only 20 minutes away).

Today I cleaned out my garage. I can actually put the CRV in the garage now :O It's been.... a very very long time since that was possible. I did some laundry too. Noah helped; he had the huge push broom out the entire time, running and laughing with it. Then he found daddy's old soccer ball and proceeded to roll it down the driveway into the street and chase after it. This didn't happen too many times, of course. I was playing goalkeeper with the ball and Noah, trying to keep them out of the street. We had a fun time :) It was COLD! Noah kept his hat on for once.

OH! And Noah got a new wardrobe today as well. I was cleaning out his drawers, taking out the s…

Long, Fruitful Day

Today was a long long long day, but fruitful. I got my bullshit pregnancy test done and got my birth control for when Josh comes home in 41 days :) I did a little grocery shopping. I took the old harddrive over to FedEx. I talked to daycare about the excessive sugar parties and they agreed completely and had been investigating it before I even said anything. I made a delicious sammich with rotisserie chicken, feta cheese, organic baby spinach, eggplant and a touch of balsamic vinegar (on the spinach) all on fresh Italian bread... with a huge glass of organic milk. Delicious. I actually went to sleep at 10, woke back up at 1 for Noah and decided to update and check email right quick since I wasn't able to earlier... one hour later, still online :P I'm dumb.

note to self: don't drink Boost before bed or with meals. it'll make you vomit.

PS- EVERYONE: organic milk is sooooo yummy and it lasts longer. It's a lot more expensive, but give it a shot, you may find …


He was just sleeping, which is good. He needs to sleep more often :)

late winter :/

The coldest weather is expected Sunday, with a low in the mid- to high 20s.
I guess it was inevitable

More than 300 liver cancer deaths over the past eight years has prompted another study of a possible link to contamination at what was formerly Kelly Air Force Base... Contamination at the former air force base has been blamed for other cancer-related illnesses and Lou Gehrig's Disease.

I was wondering why they were testing our base again. Oh, I feel so safe and secure NOT!!!! A while ago Josh and I brought the strange cancer issues to the attention of my father-in-law who works for the EPA. He then called the guy in charge of the Texas region. I'd like to believe it was us who started the ball rolling on the reinvestigation since we presented him with cancer stats and other abnormalities from people we knew in our buildings. If not, who cares I'm just glad it's finally happening.

nap dreams are freakin' weird

Noah and I both took naps today. I drank a little starbucks to try and motivate myself to clean during naptime, but I guess I needed more :P Then I remembered the funnest thing about naps, the dreams.

I dreamt about this blog. I had posted something about Josh and 2 random people responded. One girl, one guy. I was reading them and then suddenly my little brother was here and he heard a plane and wanted to run outside. I jumped up as he ran to the backyard. There was this really really heavy fog all over the place and it was getting thicker. Ben (lil bro) was running across the yard, head up and arms out like jesus watching the plane. The plane was about to crash, trying to navigate really really low through the fog. It just kept circling. I was afraid to talk and was just trying to get Ben back into the house. It looked like the real life version of the plane from Duck Tales, with the huge boat ski thingies on the side. I was really scared. Then I woke up. Planes were f…

mmm pictures

I just went to GardenRidge and bought a buttload of frames for my prints. I want to cover my walls in happiness :) I have a whole lot of picture ideas for me & Josh when he comes home for R&R. I need to take a photography class. It would make me extremely happy. Wait til you see, Veets! Anyway... goodnight everyone.

Josh: I love you, babe. Hope everything went ok. Can't wait to hear from you.

Gateway Good

I called Gateway about my computer running slow yesterday. My new harddrive was delivered today. I am amazed. I was not even inconvenienced by more than the time it took to make the phone call, really. YAY! I already have everything downloaded again and back to normal. Scrumtrulescent :)

and so cometh the weekend

YAY! Ahhhh. Thank God and other such expressions of relief and joy. This had to have been one of the slowest weeks EVER! By about noon every day I would get to the anxiety/annoyance level that I am usually spared until 2-ish. I wanted to rip my skin off, but instead I just left for lunch pretty much every day. I'm sure the amazingly nice weather didn't help. Or the not smoking, though I swear I don't really think about it that often... just right now... boredom and burning desire for relaxation. Maybe I will go read a book or something.

Noah's taking a nap. I think I'd rather watch the Big Lebowski again and lay in bed, accomplishing nothing and having a marvelous time doing it... and I believe that's the perfect movie to enjoy while in such a mood :) For those who didn't know it is true that the Dude wrote Sept. 11th on the check and then looked up at George Sr. talking about the first Gulf War on the TV... and the movie came out in 1998. Freaky.