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"Truth is not a thing, it is a constantly shifting balance of multiple interconnected realities. It is ever-changing, cyclically-building, interdependent, and infinite in nature." (Allison Burnett, 2019)

Found this in my journal.  I don't remember being this insightful!  Sometimes I write things in the present that end up inspiring my future self.  I have quotes on my wall that I swap out once in awhile, and I haven't had quotes from others in a really long time.  Years.  I think that's pretty cool.  I started out with quotes from others, and now I inspire and motivate myself.  This is me and this is where I am.  My current quote wall:

One object at a time.  One layer at a time.  One room at a time
Growth mindset from classroom.  To closed system lab.  To practical application.

All were inspired by my own life and the realizations I had from my experiences :)  For anyone who doesn't know what "growth mindset" is, it's worth learning about!!  Not…