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Noah and I are having a great time out in Germany with Josh. The house we're sharing is amazing and the people are also amazing. The only thing we don't have is our own kitchen, but like I said, the people who live here (Josh's friends) are amazing so it's not even an issue. I've been cooking for everyone to try to thank them in some way. We haven't been to many places yet. It's hard to go anywhere with a baby who has a naptime and a husband who has a job. However!! We managed to make it out to Heidelberg to see the castle. It was awesome.

the walk up to the castle

mmmm castle

Heidelberg down below
Christmas is huge here. They've even got Christmas markets out in the parking lot in front of WalMart. We've been to Luisenplatz a few times in downtown Darmstadt to visit all the Christmas shops they have set up. It's like a Christmas flea market. Thus far all I've blown money on is candy... mmmm German candy is so delicious. It's no…

da zoo

It was so warm here yesterday that Noah and I decided to go to the zoo. The zoo here is open 365 days a year since it's not really consistently cold until maybe late January, February time-frame. We went at just the right time because every single animal was actually out! We also were inadvertently following the feeding schedule because we watched them feed the snow leopard, gibbons, capybaras, lemurs, fossas, bears and pelicans. It was a banner day at the zoo :) I actually brought my camera, but didn't take a single picture because I left it in the car. I've been sorta neglecting Noah the past few days, trying to get the Christmas presents taken care of before we leave for Germany. So, I wanted to do something just me and him... I think the camera would have gotten in the way of me sharing the moment with him. Anyway :) It was awesome! We had a great time.

new montage


And we're back, Ladies and Gents

We're back in San Antonio. I can't really say I'm happy to be back, but we're leaving in a few days for Germany so I'll get to see more people I love :) I think I can be patient until then. Now I'm going to be lazy and sample an email I sent back to Ohio when I got back.

We made it here safely, but extremely late. We finally got home at around 12:15. We had about 8 hours in just layovers. Noah was awesome. He was an angel. I was surprised how much he remembered about flying... he knew that standing in the line meant we were going to fly on the plane and eventually get home. We had a false alarm at one point in Pittsburgh where they allowed 25 people to board and then everyone else was waiting for another 30 minutes. I was NOT ALLOWED to venture far from the line and I was lucky I finally convinced him I was allowed to put my bag down. He just kept saying "NOOOOOooo PLANE!!! on a PLANE!!" He slept through most of both flights. He loved watc…

interesting photos

I thought these shots turned out pretty cool.

this is important

I used to think that seeing big kids in carseats was ridiculous and overprotective. I cried a lot at this video and I'm thankful to Kyle's family for the information.


We went to Christmas Tree Lane today with the 3 toddlers. It was a good display. They all wanted to get into the buggy... it was small, but it worked! Not only that but it kept them out fo trouble for a little while.

usual insomnia

We took a nice long walk near Mosquito Lake on a bike trail. It was another warm day. The weekend was fun. I got some really cute shots of Noah and Jake playing together while everyone else was watching the Browns game.

I ran off to super KMart at 11pm to buy a phone card so I can stop going nuts waiting for Josh to call. It's extremely easy for me to call him... I don't know why I didn't get one earlier. He has a cellphone (thank you Kevin!). Oh yeah, it was because he thought he'd have the internet and a land line by the 1st. Anyway, he doesn't and I woke him up 5 minutes before his alarm and he was delighted to hear my voice. I was equally delighted and I hated hanging up. Ima call him first thing in the morning :) I'm glad I'm in Ohio. It's constipating an emotional breakdown or something. It's like I am in perpetual vacationland. Now I just gotta figure out what to do from January to June.

On the upside of things; my very first car I e…

First Snow of the Year (that stuck long enough for a picture)

I awoke this morning to little bitty snowflakes. And to think we only wore sweatshirts for trick-or-treat :)

Thanks, Brit!


I Love Fall :)

Just a reminder to all who read. I LOVE autumn in Ohio :)

Happy Halloween!

Noah had a great first Trick-or-Treat. We went with Michelle and Jacob. Both Noah and Jake were lions (ironic they're also both Leos). I think Noah's favorite candy is suckers... at one point he was eating 3 at a time. Normally this wouldn't be something I would allow, but it was Halloween! We had a fun day :)

the sugar crash on the ride home

puppet show day

Haleigh and Eric needed a sitter today so their parents could attend a wedding so we got to hang out. I showed them all the fun things we used to do with our big blocks... like, build a house and then have teddy bear wars (you win if you can successfully get all the bears in while the person inside throws them out)... and build a raft from "driftwood" blocks without getting off the blocks during a storm (our waves were represented by a big blue plush velour blanket). We also played a color game, Haleigh (who is three) yelled out the colors and we all had to run to the right square, only one person per square. The best part was the puppet shows. We made a theater with the big blocks and our wave blanket from earlier and everyone did a show. I of course taped them all :) They will be going onto the website eventually... they're HUGE files, though. After that it was time to wind down so we got into our pajamas, made some popcorn and watched Toy Story 2 . We had a great time…

Fall is Here

These shots are from yesterday.

I love these pictures.

I just can't get over how gorgeous my parents' backyard is right now. I can't wait to see some snow. The cold is annoying at times, but snow is beautifulous... and we have a great sled hill :)

The boys had a great time throwing rocks in the creek today for about an hour. They would have kept going for 10 more if we let them. We also caught a salamander. It was a nice day, chilly but sunny.
Jake was pretending to sleep for us.

I've already taken soooo many pictures. Yesterday we went to Perkin's Park with my dad and got a lot of great shots. Here are my favorites.


I bought our tickets today! We'll be leaving December 10th on a NON-STOP flight to Germany and then we come back to the states on January 7th. Both are weekend days so that my peeps can actually take us to the airport. Now I gotta get some passports rushed to us! AHHHHH! I'm so excited :)

Oh and I got 2 tickets for under 1,000 and that's AWESOME!

reunion pictures

This is a great one of the entire Haake clan that was able to attend. My sister Vita and my other sister Janine, her wife and their twins weren't able to make it, but everyone else is pictured.

I don't think I have to explain why I love this pic so much.

Here's some of my favorites of the babies :)
These are Noah's cousins Jacob and Haleigh. They are both 3.