usual insomnia

We took a nice long walk near Mosquito Lake on a bike trail. It was another warm day. The weekend was fun. I got some really cute shots of Noah and Jake playing together while everyone else was watching the Browns game.

I ran off to super KMart at 11pm to buy a phone card so I can stop going nuts waiting for Josh to call. It's extremely easy for me to call him... I don't know why I didn't get one earlier. He has a cellphone (thank you Kevin!). Oh yeah, it was because he thought he'd have the internet and a land line by the 1st. Anyway, he doesn't and I woke him up 5 minutes before his alarm and he was delighted to hear my voice. I was equally delighted and I hated hanging up. Ima call him first thing in the morning :) I'm glad I'm in Ohio. It's constipating an emotional breakdown or something. It's like I am in perpetual vacationland. Now I just gotta figure out what to do from January to June.

On the upside of things; my very first car I ever had is going to be MY CAR this week. My dad bought out the title and is signing it over to me. I am going to continue to pay him the normal amount and drop some unnecessary insurance coverage on that bad boy. YAY for money!! Hopefully all it needs is a battery and a little tune up. It deserves some TLC. That Saturn is a great car. It took such a beating and is still running, more than 100,000 miles later. All the paperwork I need for our passports and bill-paying is arriving tomorrow (thank you again Kevin!). I am also going to call the Texas Workforce Commission and get all this unemployment benefit crap worked out. They haven't paid me once. I've been trying to resolve it via internet, but it's not possible. After everything is worked out all that's left to do is ride out my vacation until we get home and then make sure Noah's got all his shots and we're off to another vacation.

Why does my vacation feel so busy? No wonder I can't sleep. I don't think about any of this crap until bedtime. I'm an idiot. hahaha :) goodnight, all! I need to switch to USAA, Progressive charges too much... DANG! goodnight for real!

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