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interesting photos

I thought these shots turned out pretty cool.

this is important

I used to think that seeing big kids in carseats was ridiculous and overprotective. I cried a lot at this video and I'm thankful to Kyle's family for the information.


We went to Christmas Tree Lane today with the 3 toddlers. It was a good display. They all wanted to get into the buggy... it was small, but it worked! Not only that but it kept them out fo trouble for a little while.

usual insomnia

We took a nice long walk near Mosquito Lake on a bike trail. It was another warm day. The weekend was fun. I got some really cute shots of Noah and Jake playing together while everyone else was watching the Browns game.

I ran off to super KMart at 11pm to buy a phone card so I can stop going nuts waiting for Josh to call. It's extremely easy for me to call him... I don't know why I didn't get one earlier. He has a cellphone (thank you Kevin!). Oh yeah, it was because he thought he'd have the internet and a land line by the 1st. Anyway, he doesn't and I woke him up 5 minutes before his alarm and he was delighted to hear my voice. I was equally delighted and I hated hanging up. Ima call him first thing in the morning :) I'm glad I'm in Ohio. It's constipating an emotional breakdown or something. It's like I am in perpetual vacationland. Now I just gotta figure out what to do from January to June.

On the upside of things; my very first car I e…

First Snow of the Year (that stuck long enough for a picture)

I awoke this morning to little bitty snowflakes. And to think we only wore sweatshirts for trick-or-treat :)

Thanks, Brit!


I Love Fall :)

Just a reminder to all who read. I LOVE autumn in Ohio :)

Happy Halloween!

Noah had a great first Trick-or-Treat. We went with Michelle and Jacob. Both Noah and Jake were lions (ironic they're also both Leos). I think Noah's favorite candy is suckers... at one point he was eating 3 at a time. Normally this wouldn't be something I would allow, but it was Halloween! We had a fun day :)

the sugar crash on the ride home