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Well, everything went very smoothly today. I don't feel even a tiny bit sad about losing my job. I will miss the people, but I have most of them as friends on myspace so whatever haha. Noah's doing well, still not talking! He's getting closer and closer, though. Sometimes I swear he is talking, but he's not speaking English nor Spanish... maybe it's Spanglish haha.

I sorta want Josh to switch jobs and take us back to Monterey, CA with him. I go back and forth on it. If he took Spanish I could help him and there probably wouldn't be that much pressure. Plus he's prior enlisted and won't have to go through all the BS training crap I had to go through. I just don't want to put a lot onto his plate right after Iraq. BUT!!!! If he does go to Monterey he will surely not be going to Iraq for at least another year. Guaranteed. It would just suck if we moved to California and then ended up coming right back here which is pretty likely. But, dang…

terrible two's

Ever since Noah turned 2 he decided he cannot lay down without me in the room. I, of course, do not oblige him and so he screams for at least 30 minutes and throws everything in his crib at the door. Why the sudden change? Because he turned 2, I guess. He's finally going to sleep now. Dang. Poor kid can't even talk, he's stripped his vocal chords... that and he doesn't know how to talk haha. But, yeah, surprisingly it doesn't really stress me out too much or make me angry.

I ended up coming home from work 4 hours early because the cold attacking me just got to be too much for me to handle. I was very dizzy and short of breath. I did do some work before I left so I don't feel bad. The nap was marvelous. OK time to talk to Josh.


Noah's finally at the stage where he can and will repeat words! He was going on and on about a picture Jennifer made. Sun, house, grass, green, flower, ooooh pretty, tree, bird, sky. It's all happening so fast! I cut out a bunch of shapes from construction paper and gave him a glue stick. Crafting = Heaven for Noah (and mommy).

I just bought this great 6 drawer chest that's specifically for my scrapbooking stuff and I retired the old containers I was using to be Noah's new "art bin". He was really excited about it. All his paints, sponges, coloring books, markers, crayons, glue, stickers... everything is in the bin now.

We're off to check out a new lake. Calaveras Lake. Should be fun. I will take some pics and post them later :)

washable markers are greeeeat

We had a lot of fun today painting Noah up and he proceeded to do a little art of his own :) We were cracking up! I did the moustache and the "eye shadow" hahaha. Man, too funny


The weekend was wonderful again... and short. I love having a zoo membership. I think we go almost every single weekend. Animals are great subjects, especially when you add Noah :) I saw this bright red and bright blue dragonfly sitting near the purple lillies and it was a lucky picture. I was also trying out my zoom and figured out that after it's done quick zooming it will still zoom in even MORE! I got a picture of the water droplets on the screen of the sliding door from my dining room table, and it was insanely focused still. I wish I would have known that when I photographed the dragonflies. I will experiment with it more later.

Maybe I should stop doing stupid overtime, it seems to speed the weekends up. Josh's request to switch jobs got denied so he'll be in Germany until June :P We're taking the optimistic approach (which was actually attributed to Joshua)... everything happens for a reason and this must be what is supposed to happen. I can go see Eu…