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What Started Off As a Good Day...

Our day started fine. We were in high spirits, about to sign our contract to sell the house. Josh was literally on the phone to get our realtor's fax number when he called us. Apparently some kids broke in our back window and rose hell. They made themselves right at home, even relit the furnace and plugged the fridge back in to keep their Heinekin cold. Then they took the touch up paint we left behind, some spray paint, and some markers and tagged every wall and window sill. They tracked paint all over one of the rugs which will have to be replaced. They tagged the backsplash over the stove, which I can't imagine coming out. They even tagged the back patio and shed. They must have been there for hours, enjoying their new playground.

The thing that sucks the most is that they will be back. The cops apparently won't even take fingerprints even though I'm sure there are TONS of them all over the place. These kids will get away with it and probably do it again. …

I Almost Forgot

We were on the road when our realtor called. A couple saw the house on the 22nd and bid our asking price for it!!! WOOOHOOOO! We're going to close by January 25th hopefully. God is good :)

We're Here

Just wanted to drop a quick line and let everyone know we made it here! We just arrived last night. We're in a hotel until Monday. We have a brand spankin' new BIG house!! :D There are many stories to tell and pictures to share. The trip was fine and we're glad to be out of the dang car. Later :) I won't be online much for obvious reasons. I'll be back soon!


Karrie took the boys before I went to my appointment so I could get an hour nap in since I hadn't slept the night before. She also did my hair and makeup for me before we left for the airport and tidied up my house after I left. I just love her! Jennifer met me at the salon to provide moral support and ended up taking me shopping. She bought me this adorable sweater from the Gap. Thanks Jennifer! :D What am I going to do without my girls! I LOVE my new haircut... love love love. I will get a better picture of it later.

I'm mad at myself now for not having someone take a pic of all of us together at the airport, but I was kinda out of it. My face was as red as the stripes on my shirt. I saw his face and I was just instantly at ease with the world.

Tristan slept for 7 and a half hours straight last night! I really do believe that babies have a connection with their moms, they feel however Mommy feels. So all that stress rubbed off on him and then all that relief did as…


The weight of 3 years is lifting. I am remembering all the crap through the years that we've lived and thrived through and I must say... we are pretty damn awesome. The fights, diaper changes, temper tantrums, lonely nights, long flights, webcam conversations, telephone calls, missed milestones, jobs, deployments, missed holidays, pregnancy :P, boredom, sadness, deaths, nightmares, depression, potty training!, remodeling ... I could go on and on listing things we did apart and will never get back. All these things just crushed us both. Today, it's over. Never again.

I can't wait to run down that terminal into Josh's arms and finally hold on, but let go. We've been waiting so long.

Sorry, guys... I'm gonna be emotional all day today. I will never be able to put into words how this experience was for us or how it feels for it to finally be over. All I can say is thank God it's almost over and thank God we made it through.

Tomorrow is Only a Day Away

We've been happy all day today :) The guy from the movers came out to estimate the number of boxes they would need. He was only here for about 20 minutes and said my house was in way better order than most he's seen. That made me feel good and a lot less stressed about "preparing" everything.

I made an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow! I'm nervous because some stylists just don't listen to their customers and end up butchering them, sending them home crying. My stylist will be Michael. I am hoping he's one of those fun gay guys who knows what he's doing. I'm bringing in my picture and I am praying real hard that my hair comes out resembling it or I might have to pitch a fit.

Noah's new thing is telling me secrets. It tickles! His secret today has been "Daddy's coming home tomorrow" every time. He was telling me a secret and sorta smooshed poor Tristan's head and made him cry so I gave him the "mom" lo…

As We Eagerly Await Thursday

It's slowly sinking into my ever-so-cautiously protected military wife brain that Josh IS coming home. His plane arrives here on Thursday night, nearly Friday... for the last time. This is the last time I will have to say hello or goodbye to my hubby. This is the last time I'll have to go to an airport to drop off or pick up our kids' father for a visit. It's finally happening! I'm allowing years of stress to melt off my shoulders, well actually it's more like chipping away boulders of stress... stress boulder shoulders. I spent a few minutes yesterday shedding some happy tears, allowing myself to believe it's almost over. I sucked it all back in, though... we've got 3 more days before I can truly "relax".

Karrie and I painted the hallway and dining area back to white. I still have to paint Noah's walls and my kitchen cupboards. I think we're leaving everything else as is. I had to strap Tristan on for the ride for a bit ther…

One Big Happy Family... Almost

Aside from my few bouts of depression over moving, I've been pretty dang cheerful. Hmmmmm I wonder why.... could it be because I have 2 gorgeous boys and my hunky hubby is finally coming home?! Naw. It must just be the weather ;) Look! I finally can get a decent picture of my backyard!

Yesterday I had Tristan strapped to me and we were chasing Noah around the backyard. He was rolling all through the grass, knowing I couldn't really bend down to catch him. I didn't take too many pics because I was too busy taking videos :) It was hilarious. Noah was cracking up because right before we went out I was pretending Tristan was punching me and I'd jerk my head to the side like he hit me with a brick or something. I had Tristan giggling a little bit too. We also danced with some crazy newlyweds on YouTube we saw on Ellen. We had a fun evening.

Today after we all went to playgroup Karrie whipped up some rice crispie treat goo while I nursed Tristan and got him down fo…

Aunt Beeta

Oh Veets... what am I going to do without you :( Looking all these up had me crying today.

It's Officially Official

I've been busy trying to do a little at a time to get this house ready to sell. It's proven to be much more difficult than I imagined. Pretty much all I can get done is the general house cleaning and then I have to feed Tristan or go back and reclean whatever Noah got back out. Luckily Karrie and Clint have been helping me out a lot. She did a my yard work and then Clint got rid of the old wood paneling I had laying around. CJ and Noah "mowed the grass" while we worked to bag leaves and trim trees. I just love my friends. I hate that I'm moving, but am excited at the same time. We had another game night on Saturday with Vita and Brandon. FUN FUN FUN! We played MadGab and Malarky.
Noah and CJ were taking turns dressing up like lions to come out and growl at us. This was Noah's Halloween costume last year when we were in Ohio. I'm glad I kept it because they sure had a fun time! They ended up going to sleep at around midnight after they took ev…