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House Tour Video

After over 5 hours of uploading and waiting for youtube approval, I was informed that my house tour video was 2 minutes too long and would be deleted. THANKS! :P I am going to take another one tomorrow... which is fine because we have all our stuff now too so you can see how it goes together.

My Boys

Brennan just learned how to flip from his front to his back. I doubt he does it on purpose. He's getting the bald ring around his head (Tris had the same). He's also become quite fond of sucking his 2 middle fingers... just like Mommy did. He's a very strong, already pretty vocal, happy-go-lucky guy. He sleeps through the night at least 9 hours and then goes right back down 1 hour later for a 4 hour nap. He eats well and I haven't had any problems in that area yet. I am dreading this month. The 3rd month is rough because of the huge growth spurt. Wish me luck! He's turning 3 months old tomorrow! :O 3 months to me is no longer an infant :/ My little bit is growing up.
Tristan is still not talking. He does a lot of sign language, though. Mostly animals. He loves to sign "fish" while we read him his books. He will pick a book out with pictures of fish in it just so he can do the sign. He will be an early potty train because he's already …

We're BAAaaaack!!

I know you all missed us ever-so-much. Well... where do I begin. We're finally out of the aparthotel, which was a great relief. We moved into the house on the 15th and have rental furniture and our initial "items from home" shipment with us. I refuse to unpack my suitcase until I can place my clothing into MY DRAWERS! I just don't feel like repacking and unpacking a million times.

We love the house. We're already getting tanned up, enjoying the pool. Noah is now an expert doggy-paddler. Tristan fell in once (while I was right there in the pool) and is now very afraid of the edge of the pool. Next payday we're going fence shopping. The landlord gave us his blessing... in fact he wants us to do it ASAP because he doesn't want to worry about the kids either. Our landlords speak English and are very kind, amazing, patient, and helpful people. They live in another city, but we're going to have them over for a few BBQ's over the years I'm sure…

Let's Compare

Here's Noah

Here's Tristan

Here's Brennan again

They are definitely brothers!! :D I tried to find the one of Noah in the same outfit, but I happen to have it in 3-6mos and 6-9mos sizes and it was too cold when he was 2mos to wear it so... I was wrong. I don't have them all in that outfit at 2 months old. Oh well... that just means I am going to take more pics of Brennan in a different outfit ;) haha. I really love these ones of him in the chair back in Georgia.

Los Ninos

I took the opportunity today to snap some pictures of the boys. They were all cooperative and happy :O Can you imagine?! Again if you want to see the bigger versions you'll have to go on flickr. Still not uploading to blogger for some reason.

This outfit has been on all my boys and it's one of my faves. I did Tristan's 2mos photo shoot in it, in fact... well I wasn't in it... he was... oh you know what I mean. So yeah :) Here are my boys! Notice the adorableness that is a newborn baby smile. They are extra special because you have to work pretty hard for them. I still consider him to be a newborn... after 3mos they're officially babies in my opinion.

I've been using the baby carrier religiously (like I always do) and no one has them out here. The looks I get are a combination of either disgust or jealousy. Spanish ladies feel the need to tell me when he's sleeping, if his head is to the side, if his legs "look cold", if his legs hurt h…

Ye Old Convent

Try as I may, try as I might I just can't get blogger to upload photos onto the blog for me. So, I did a little HTML'ing and made it happen. Unfortunately you can't click on them to make 'em bigger... I am feeling much too lazy to go through all the work of turning them into links through HTML.

We went on a little viaje (trip) yesterday to take pictures of the "Antiguo Convento" (the old convent), which has been turned into a high-end hotel and restaurant. It was quite a sight... didn't go inside, but got some good exercise walking around Boadilla del Monte, taking in the Spanishness of it all :) There were at least 10 storks nesting all over the convent roof and they were equally curious about us as we walked by. Their nests are ginormous! Sundays are pretty dead in every town, but there are always a few bars/cafeterias open for business. People sit outside sipping on their drinks and chat for hours and hours while their kids play soccer by the fou…

Happy 4th of July!!! :D

Believe it or not we had a big party out here in Spain for our Independence Day. The Americans hosted the shindig (of course) and everyone from everywhere was invited... Greeks, Italians, Turks, Hungarians, Spaniards, Germans... and probably a few more that I forgot. Everyone joined us to celebrate our nation's birthday (one day early). We got to see our colors and hear our anthem, which always makes me cry a little. We were all decked out in red, white, and blue. I think we represented our country well and had a whole lot of fun doing it! This is the 2nd big party we've gone to already. Last weekend was the international food festival. Every nation brought their most well-known dishes and served the masses (for free). YUM! The base has started "Summer Hours" which means work only lasts from 9-3pm. After the kids get out of school they drop down the working hours so families can spend more time together during the day. I think I like this new job and this country ;)


2 Months Old!

How sad that Brennan's 2mos old blog post has no pictures :P Soon enough! Brennan had his 2 month check-up today. He weighs a whopping 11lbs, 11ozs. She was impressed with his head control skills and his beautiful chub haha :) He also got a few vaccines. I passed on the oral rota-virus because it's really not out here. We did have to get a Menengitis C vaccine (not common in the states) for both Bren and Tris today because apparently there's been a bit of an outbreak here in recent years. So that, pneumonia, and the all-in-one (for polio, DTAP and all that other jazz) was what they stuck my tiny Brennan with today. So far they're both doing just fine. I hate shot day!

Tristan didn't even cry or make the tiniest peep for his shot... it was weird! He got it in his shoulder while sitting on Daddy's lap so that probably helped a lot. Being pinned down on top of a piece of wax paper by some stranger in a white coat is never fun. Tristan weighs roughly…