We're BAAaaaack!!

I know you all missed us ever-so-much. Well... where do I begin. We're finally out of the aparthotel, which was a great relief. We moved into the house on the 15th and have rental furniture and our initial "items from home" shipment with us. I refuse to unpack my suitcase until I can place my clothing into MY DRAWERS! I just don't feel like repacking and unpacking a million times.

We love the house. We're already getting tanned up, enjoying the pool. Noah is now an expert doggy-paddler. Tristan fell in once (while I was right there in the pool) and is now very afraid of the edge of the pool. Next payday we're going fence shopping. The landlord gave us his blessing... in fact he wants us to do it ASAP because he doesn't want to worry about the kids either. Our landlords speak English and are very kind, amazing, patient, and helpful people. They live in another city, but we're going to have them over for a few BBQ's over the years I'm sure :)

It's been very relaxing, but busy. It's nice the sun doesn't set until 10pm here because you feel like there's so much more time to accomplish things and it doesn't get too overwhelming. As you can see we got the internet today... one of the first things we made sure happened. We also have phone and maaaaybe cable. Right now it's not working and I don't even know if it's worth wasting money because I have ZERO time to watch TV. I'm getting better at Spanish, as are the boys and Josh. Josh is actually doing AWESOME with his Spanish. He's fearless... I love him :)

Brennan is adorable... moreso every day. He's getting the Tristan fro-hawk as Aunt Vita pointed out on flickr. I love that hair!! :D He smiles and coos at all of us (well he's a little scared of Tristan, and rightly so). He especially loves Noah! He lights up like crazy when Noah is around. It must be his patience and undying love and devotion for Brennan :) Tristan is adorable and very difficult to punish due to overwhelming displays of cuteness. He's getting a little bad, but only with whining. We're trying! He's such a Daddy's boy still and has to have that blanket and those fingers in his mouth. He's a joy to have around though. He's such a silly guy. Noah is wonderful and can be helpful at times when the mood strikes him. He's getting bored and wants to go to school SO BADLY! He's still having listening issues, but I guess that's normal.

I uploaded the pics from the past couple weeks and will try to upload the video of our house tonight. It's very long (12 minutes), but I know there are a few people out there who will actually be curious and watch the whoooole thing so I will upload it :) I also took one of each of the boys that I will try to upload (probably before the long one). I am going to start writing some posts about the cool cultural differences and whatnot once we get settled. Our furniture will probably be delivered next week so it's going to be a MESS in here.

So, that's my update :) See you soon!


Babs said…
It's so good to finally hear from you. Without the phone or the internet, we would have to invest in that international calling feature. I can't figure it out or I would have it already.
Haley Elizabeth said…
Yeah! I'm glad you are back. I will watch your video! Is it on the side bar? I'm glad you have moved in to the new house. I do hear you about moving. We have had so many issues..mold is the main one. Im glad you and the boys are doing well!

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