Noah and I are having a great time out in Germany with Josh. The house we're sharing is amazing and the people are also amazing. The only thing we don't have is our own kitchen, but like I said, the people who live here (Josh's friends) are amazing so it's not even an issue. I've been cooking for everyone to try to thank them in some way. We haven't been to many places yet. It's hard to go anywhere with a baby who has a naptime and a husband who has a job. However!! We managed to make it out to Heidelberg to see the castle. It was awesome.

the walk up to the castle

mmmm castle

Heidelberg down below
Christmas is huge here. They've even got Christmas markets out in the parking lot in front of WalMart. We've been to Luisenplatz a few times in downtown Darmstadt to visit all the Christmas shops they have set up. It's like a Christmas flea market. Thus far all I've blown money on is candy... mmmm German candy is so delicious. It's not as sweet and I love it. They have a spiced hot wine called Gluwine that is sold throughout the market to keep you warm and for a mere 2 euro you can keep the cup. I plan on taking more pictures at Luisenplatz during the day so they turn out better.

Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) at Heidelberg

I've been so happy to just live with Josh like a real family that I haven't been really pushing us to go explore. This may be stupid, but I think we'll be back in Europe eventually. We're going to see Frankfurt and a few other places here before we leave and that's good enough for me. It's very hard traveling with a baby! Especially here in Germany where it's more acceptable to bring a dog into a restaurant than a child. Anyway... I am off to answer emails. Just wanted to drop a little note :)


Britni said…
Wow,it sounds like sooo much fun.Mark & I hope to bring our girls to Europe someday too.I really love it!
Oh yeah we just found out we're having a girl!
Anyways though I hope you keep having a great time,I'm glad you get to have your little family together for the holidays thats so nice:)

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