da zoo

It was so warm here yesterday that Noah and I decided to go to the zoo. The zoo here is open 365 days a year since it's not really consistently cold until maybe late January, February time-frame. We went at just the right time because every single animal was actually out! We also were inadvertently following the feeding schedule because we watched them feed the snow leopard, gibbons, capybaras, lemurs, fossas, bears and pelicans. It was a banner day at the zoo :) I actually brought my camera, but didn't take a single picture because I left it in the car. I've been sorta neglecting Noah the past few days, trying to get the Christmas presents taken care of before we leave for Germany. So, I wanted to do something just me and him... I think the camera would have gotten in the way of me sharing the moment with him. Anyway :) It was awesome! We had a great time.
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