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Quick Day!

Today seemed to just fly by, didn't it? Noah and I had so much fun with his blocks yesterday I decided we should get another set to add to them. Target is a dangerous store for me. I went in for blocks and came out with a lot more. I finally splurged on myself and bought 3 new maternity shirts... that are really just those long tees from the juniors department. I'm 6 months along now! I think I deserve a little something at least once a month. When I got home I realized I've been buying all the same color shirts... the light turquoisey greenish bluish tone. I tried to branch out and got a yellow shirt too, but it didn't fit right so I have to take it back.

I also got Noah his 4th of July outfit. I love the 4th of July clothes because red, white and blue really POP in pictures. The shirt has the pic of Uncle Sam on it and says "I want YOU to take me to the fireworks" it made me giggle so I got it :) Over at the one spot (the dollar section) I also pi…

2am 2yr old

Noah had trouble staying asleep last night. He was up at 1am crying, but couldn't tell me why. Went back to sleep. Up again at 1:30 and felt hot so I gave him some motrin. Went back to sleep. Up again at 1:45 totally freaking out so I rushed in there and he was holding his index finger out. I said "what happened? are you hurt? what happened to your finger?!" and he exclaimed "ANT ON IT". He was absolutely convinced there were ants in his bed. I've seen enough television and movies to know not to dismiss what a child says right away. Otherwise gremlin-like creatures, robbers, rapists, swarms of ginormous mosquitoes, all the other Biblical plagues, and aliens will suddenly pour out of his closet and kill everyone... all because I didn't just check when he said something was wrong. I did find a fly in the hallway and trapped it in the bathroom. He was happy when I told him I found the bug and it was in the bathroom and couldn't get him. OK …

Wednesday Already?!

Today was a nice slow lazy day. Not much to report. We spent most of our day inside (mostly because of my sunburn). I did laundry and dishes. We washed the car in the morning because it was covered in beach mud. Noah really likes washing anything, but especially the car. He grabbed the hose once and tried to use it. This resulted in the hose on the ground twisting like crazy, spraying me right in the face a couple times before I regained control over it. Noah looked scared. All I said was "I'm OK, just don't touch the hose again"... and back to sponging :) I must say we did a pretty nice job on it.

We played with blocks for a few hours, just building and destroying over and over again. I thought since we didn't have much physical activity I wouldn't make Noah take a nap. He's been sorta phasing them out anyway. He'll sit in his bed for 2 hours and just talk to his toys sometimes. Well, he ended up falling asleep in the car so I moved him …


I was going to wait until YouTube finally updated the icon, but whatever. It still plays. This is the video of Noah and the dolphins.

Tuesday at Corpus Christi

We went to Corpus Christi today! First, let me just say that I really missed Josh today. I hate doing big trips without him. I'm glad we went, but I wish he had been there. I love you, babe! I've been wanting to go to the beach for quite some time now, but FINALLY the weather looked perfect so we were off :) It was only 85 (which is pretty chill here) and partly cloudy. I also figured Tuesday after Memorial Day would be perfect because it wouldn't be crowded. I was right. YAY! We left at around noon so that Noah could try and get a nap in along the way... and he did nap for about an hour. Such a good boy. Don't worry I moved that water bottle right after I took the pic.

When we first got there Noah was a bit afraid of the water, but he warmed up to it really quick. There were also tons of jellyfish washed up on the shores. You could see them all in the crests of the waves too so we kinda hung out on the sand for a bit. Eventually the tide took them back …

Memorial Day Activities

We began today with a nice loooong talk with Daddy on the phone, as usual :) I had found out yesterday that Ft. Sam was hosting a free concert with the San Antonio Symphony today so we were planning to go. First I had to give Noah a buzz because it's just too hot and humid now for long locks. He sweats enough as it is! I think I did a pretty good job. I picked out a nice red polo for him to wear, thought it looked pretty patriotic. We bought him a little flag to wave around (he loves flags) and some chips and we were off to Ft. Sam.

I realize today is not yet Memorial Day, but since we were already on base I decided we should visit the cemetery. I knew there were over 100,000 graves there, but to actually see them in person is truly a sight to behold. As soon as we pulled in I was crying. I cried because there were so many. I cried because my husband made it home. I cried because I saw people carting flowers and flags for tombs of their family members who didn't make…

Weekend Update with Allie

We've been having a lot of rain, but as soon as it cleared up we were busy exercising. The day before the big storms was extra hot and humid outside so I filled the pool up for Noah to swim. He went all in this time. I think swimming at the pool at Vita's apartment helped him be less scared of the water. Maybe I should get a bigger pool. I was trying to keep him from pooping in his bathing suit (again) so I had him in a diaper at first. This proved to be ineffective, but quite entertaining. The diaper swelled to an outrageous size and started slipping off of him so he went inside to change... "Come on Mommy need change, water, need suit". After that he was switching from swimming to sunning with me. He was like an ice cube!

Thursday was when the thunderstorms finally let loose. That day Noah found his snow hat and mittens again and wanted to wear them. I think he believes that wearing them will summon the snow and magically transport him to Ohio to play wit…