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Tristan's 5th Birthday

Can you believe Tristan is five?!  WOW!  Five is a big deal for me.  It's the end of toddlerhood.  I wasn't sad about it though (most likely due to still having another toddler in the house).  

We had a bit of a surprise this year when Uncle Ben and Uncle Nate came down for a visit during Tristan's birthday.  Quick note.  Check out the Megabus.  It's ridiculously cheap and I don't know how much longer they can stay in business.  I mean... $1 for a 6hr drive can't be making them money, can it?

Tristan was a little sad this year because Noah had school and Daddy had work.  However, that was quickly remedied with basically a three-day celebration for him.  He woke up early and opened presents with Noah there, cheering him on.  He did not get any live animals ;)  Three wii games, new clothes (he's not your typical little boy, he looooves clothes) & a remote control car.  

Later on myself, Ben, Nate, Brennan & the birthday boy went to Gilbert Run Park fo…

Park Hopping

Most of you know me well enough that the following statement will not shock you.  I can officially find my way to 3 parks without the GPS now, but I still need it to get to the grocery store.  Silly me!  I love all three of these places and I'm sure we'll be going back to them soon.  Josh didn't get to come with us to the last two.  Noah was at school when we went to the first.  These were the preliminary visits.  Next time we bring everyone (including dogs) and picnic lunches, sand toys, water... all that fun stuff.  These parks all made "Allie's Fabulous Natural Southern Maryland" list and are all less than 30 minutes from my front door :)

This is Gilbert Run Park.  On the weekends it has paddle boat rentals and a complete concession stand. They also sell fishing licenses.  The playground is impressive.  The trails are well marked and a decent hike, but not too much for the kiddles.

This is everyone's favorite so far and we can't wait to show it to …