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Noah's Last Day of Kindergarten

Noah's last day of school was yesterday. They go really late here because of all the holidays and long weekends in this marvelous country ;) The van is finally in the shop so in order for me to attend the pomp and circumstance I worked out a deal with the bus driver. I sweetened my prospects with the promise of one blonde-haired cutie pie that the driver and bus monitor simply adore (and lovingly call "el rubio" which means blondie). We all rode together on the bus there and back... Tristan was very very excited and even brought his backpack which was stuffed with a diaper, wipes, and his blanket (for emergency use only).

Tristan was the bell of the ball. All the kids were huddled around him most of the time, showing him around and touching his hair. He held the favor of every little girl in that class on the playground. They took him everywhere with them, which made my time there significantly easier. Noah proudly introduced him to everyone and announced Trista…


It's officially official!!! Brennan has taken a few steps here and there, but suddenly today he just wants to walk! He is walking all over the place now! I love this part!!! :D Lately I keep seeing Noah and Tristan in his actions. He's addicted to his blanket and sucks his fingers, his hair is getting lighter and lighter and he makes the CUTEST faces (like Tris). He's always moving, always talking, always curious and very independent (like Noah).

it's taking youtube forever and a day to process this video... driving me CRAZY! posting it anyway

Sorry for My Laziness

It's not that nothing has been going on lately. It's just that I have had little to no desire to get on the computer! We've been thoroughly enjoying our nights out on the town (thanks to Adriana)... and even a few days out shopping. This place inspires me to live my life and be happy. I love it. I love the culture, the food, the people, the clothes. I fit in so nicely here. Now I fit in even better because I broke down and went shopping for myself over the weekend. It's different here. No one glares at you when you go out. They look for a second, usually just to see what you're wearing, and that's it. They don't gossip and roll eyes or whistle or gawk. Well in all honesty they probably do, but I can't hear them so ignorance is bliss ;) It's just liberating to not feel like you're the center of attention if you wear something nice. Everyone out here dresses like rock stars... from the 80's, but still rockin' lol.

Josh and I s…