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I think today is a good day for nest-building ;)

I woke up at 6:15 to empty my bladder, which seems so small lately... can't go back to sleep. All I can think about is doing laundry, touring the hospital, picking a name, labor, getting the bassinet back out... YAY! Honestly I was worried for awhile there because none of my normal racing thoughts had kicked in yet! I am trying my hardest to just relax and wait so as not to awaken the entire house, but I want to CLEAN! I'm so glad there is a nesting instinct otherwise my house would look like total crap when the baby arrives. The pains of pregnancy are not motivators for cleaning to be sure. Yeah sure Josh could clean, but he'd clean like a guy (bless his heart for helping regardless). Guess I can kill time with a blog! This huge rainbow appeared right before sunset after an entire day of thunderstorms (haircut day). It was a nice treat :)

Yesterday Noah and Josh woke up early to take his car in for some new rims (an early b-day present). They went out to breakfas…

Happy Haircut Day!

Well both the boys were looking mighty shaggy so I thought it'd be a good day to give them a haircut. Thunderstorms are perfect for occupying little eyes during a buzz-cut... just so everyone knows :) Noah went first as Tristan watched intently. I thought Tris would be scared for his turn, but he was all ready to go once Noah was done. He was downright excited, even. So... here are my clean-cut gentlemen (before and after). Tristan's hair is still so wispy so I don't cut it nearly as short... plus I love when it's all sticking up everywhere ;) Mommy is next to get a haircut.

Here is me yesterday. I am 33 weeks along. If I go as soon as I did with Noah I only have 3 weeks left! Tristan was only a week "early" and I think that's much more accurate. Still no name. We have enough picked out that hopefully we can just look at him and know "who" he is if we still haven't decided by his birthday. I can finally start washing baby clothes…

Play Time with Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa

My Mom and Dad came down from Ohio to visit with us for a few days. We of course went to the Swamp (it's a must-see for all who visit). We ventured out close to nap time so Tristan wasn't the happiest guy in the world, but he was ok. Despite all the clouds we somehow caught a good 30 minutes of direct sunlight so I got a nice sunburn on my shoulders. Everyone else had sleeves. Other than the swamp we just hung out at home, relaxed, took a couple walks, and enjoyed each others' company :)

They were pretty impressed with Noah's baseball skills and imagination. Tristan impressed them with his stunning good looks and crazy personality. It was a great visit! They're going to stop again on their way back to Ohio from Florida. This is their first "We're Retired" road trip!! I am pretty jealous of their freedom, but Josh and I will get our fun time starting on Monday. A whole month with Josh all to myself!! :D YAY!... ok I guess I can share him wit…

Augusta Canal

We took a little trip out the other day to see the Augusta Canal.  There are several historic spots to visit along the canal.  I think we're going to try and see all of them before we leave.  Hopefully my back can handle all the walking!  This visit we saw Rae's Aqueduct and the old Confederate Army's Powder-Works.  I loved taking pictures as always.  For the record: this yankee girl is glad the south lost ;) haha... living in the south has been interesting, but I miss the north for sure.

No Longer Quarantined!

We had a sudden bout of the stomach flu at our house recently. Luckily, Josh was mostly spared because he left for the last few days of his TDY and then came back once we were no longer contagious. I did a lot of laundry and carpet cleaning... not a fun time when you're fighting off nausea yourself. But, I will say it wasn't the most horrible time I've had with illness as a Mom. Couch cushions, carpeting, pillows, blankets, bathroom floors, towels, clothes, and tiny sick bodies were covered in either poop or puke for 4 days... from one or the other. The boys are both still a little sick, but we're mostly recovered now. We're eating solid foods again! :D Still no milk, but we'll get there soon I'm sure. I wasn't as sick as the kids, never threw up (thank you God!!). I just had a slight fever and nausea... one really rough night, but it worked out since I was up every 2 hours for Noah... poor kid. He was a mess :( So... anyway... that was our w…

Tuesday Blues

Josh surprised us all this weekend and came home bearing gifts.  Tristan got a bag of 100 plastic balls and a new book (he's beside himself with glee).  Noah got a new bigger soccer ball (size 4 now), a new bigger goal, and a Kung Fu Panda game for his V-Smile.  I got a new MAC!  Apparently it was driving Josh crazy that I couldn't even open my photos or run any photo editing programs without crashing my system.  I was disappointed, but not as angry as Josh was about it... guess he just loves me or something ;)  So... yes I have an iMac now and I am in love.  I finally understand why all those MAC people get so "cultish" about their systems.  The new iPhoto rocks my world... it has facial recognition software on it and automatically uploads to facebook among other things.  It's just awesome.  I'm glad my husband convinced me I needed this computer :)
It rained all weekend so we spent a lot of time at home just snuggling and hanging out.  The boys sure love the…