Tuesday Blues

Josh surprised us all this weekend and came home bearing gifts.  Tristan got a bag of 100 plastic balls and a new book (he's beside himself with glee).  Noah got a new bigger soccer ball (size 4 now), a new bigger goal, and a Kung Fu Panda game for his V-Smile.  I got a new MAC!  Apparently it was driving Josh crazy that I couldn't even open my photos or run any photo editing programs without crashing my system.  I was disappointed, but not as angry as Josh was about it... guess he just loves me or something ;)  So... yes I have an iMac now and I am in love.  I finally understand why all those MAC people get so "cultish" about their systems.  The new iPhoto rocks my world... it has facial recognition software on it and automatically uploads to facebook among other things.  It's just awesome.  I'm glad my husband convinced me I needed this computer :)

It rained all weekend so we spent a lot of time at home just snuggling and hanging out.  The boys sure love their Daddy.  Thankfully we're almost done with this whole TDY thing.  Josh will be home for one more weekend and then he comes home for good the following Wednesday.  I'm definitely ready for him to be home.  I can't seem to make my brain realize he's only gone for 5 days at a time.  I go straight to "deployment depression" mode every single week.  Monday and Tuesday I am usually miserable. Wednesday I leave the house or finally clean.  Thursday is fun.  Friday is excited anticipation.  Like the pregnancy hormones don't influence my mood enough haha ;)


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