Grandma and Grandpa

My Mom and Dad came down from Ohio to visit with us for a few days. We of course went to the Swamp (it's a must-see for all who visit). We ventured out close to nap time so Tristan wasn't the happiest guy in the world, but he was ok. Despite all the clouds we somehow caught a good 30 minutes of direct sunlight so I got a nice sunburn on my shoulders. Everyone else had sleeves. Other than the swamp we just hung out at home, relaxed, took a couple walks, and enjoyed each others' company :)

They were pretty impressed with Noah's baseball skills and imagination. Tristan impressed them with his stunning good looks and crazy personality. It was a great visit! They're going to stop again on their way back to Ohio from Florida. This is their first "We're Retired" road trip!! I am pretty jealous of their freedom, but Josh and I will get our fun time starting on Monday. A whole month with Josh all to myself!! :D YAY!... ok I guess I can share him with the boys ;)


Anonymous said…
Hey Allie,

I still read regularly, even though I don't comment very often. I just figured I'd drop in and say hello, and that you take such beautiful pictures of your family. Thanks for sharing them!

I can only hope that someday when I have kids, I'm able to capture such wonderful photos.

The ones of Tristan crying and of Noah squinting as he throws the ball are my favorites.

Amalia said…
I am glad you got to spend time with them! It looks like you all had a great time! Noah looks like a natural!

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