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Nuestra Casa :D

We found our house!! The picture is a link to all the info on it (you can change the language to English at the top of the page I think). We met with our landlord today and he's a really great guy and speaks English pretty well. Between his English and my Spanish we're a perfectly bilingual human ;) I took a few pics with the nice camera, but don't know yet about uploading. The house has a big yard and a pool. It has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a 2 car garage, and tons of flowers and fruit trees to make everything smell wonderful :) They're remodeling the kitchen, master bathroom, and the garage right now so we can't actually move in until mid-July. Since none of us wanted to live in a hotel for another month we've moved into an "aparthotel". For less than our hotel costs we're renting a furnished 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchenette, cable, and a living room. Unfortunately the internet is not free so don't expect to hear much from us for the n…

Our Trip Over

We're all still quite jetlagged and I doubt that will change too soon. It doesn't help that the sun sets around 9:30pm! It's perfect weather right now however, so I can't complain. The poor boys' schedules are all kinds of crazy though. Jetlag has had us pretty much "zombified" for the past few days. I will ask someone what time it is and they'll say "quarter 'til" and I have to respond "'til what?" haha. It really is an odd feeling never knowing what time it is. I can't believe it's nearly 11pm!! The sun just went down not too long ago. Josh and I have been playing Scrabble Slam! to pass the time (Scrabble in card form). We have also been enjoying the American music videos on the German channel, Family Guy in Spanish, and American Dad in German. They admittedly lose some flavor with the bizarre replacement voices, but they're still pretty funny. I think the Spanish game shows are entertaining... not in the ridi…

Estamos Aqui!!

We're here!!! We all made it safe and sound. Sorry I didn't post earlier, but we were trying to get settled. The flight went really well... Tristan had a couple short meltdowns, but Josh calmed him down nicely. Noah had 3 disposable cameras that he burned through during the prep, the trip, and the arrival. We'll see how those turn out pretty soon, but I don't know how long it will be until I can scan them to share.

We landed at 8:30am local time (a whole hour early), took a short nap, and went to the store for a few essentials. Our sponsor drove us around to see the general area. I love it here already! :) I'm amazed at how quickly my Spanish came back... still have a long way to go, but I doubt it will take more than a couple months for my "fluency" to be back up to par. I am raring to get out there and explore. Can't wait to go house shopping! Everything here is private, although close together. Anyway... we're here and it's goin…

We're Almost Done!

Josh and I were up until about 3am cleaning the house, but it's done and we're all packed and ready to go.  Grandma N. is out here with us and she's been a HUGE help with the boys while we get all the loose ends tied up.  Somehow we even managed to get some fun family time in, despite all the work :)  Today Josh has his final out and we're turning the house over... then we're done!  All we have left to do is get a power of attorney for our neighbor so she can ship Bosley later.  If I forgot to mention that, animals cannot fly if the high is 85 degrees or more on the flight date.  Heather and Jeff agreed to keep Bos for us for even a couple months if need be.  We have such great neighbors :D  Tonight I think we should all go to the drive-in and see "Up" :)  Mom leaves tomorrow... and I think we leave for Atlanta on Sunday.  We need to have a last hurrah with everyone!
This move has been really easy.  I know it may seem like it hasn't been, but it could …

LIVE from Washington D.C.

Our drive yesterday went really well.  The hotel is nice and Brennan did a lot of sleeping and eating.  He didn't have a fit even once.  Noah was my big helper and didn't complain about being stuck in the car for 9 hours.  We only had to stop 3 times!  I hope the drive back goes this well.
Today was interesting.  I don't know why they insist you make an appointment with the passport office here because it's basically pointless.  You get in there and wait in an hour long line just to get a number.  Then we waited another 3 hours to get to a window.  After that you have the option to wait more hours for a passport (only under special circumstances).  LUCKILY Michelle, Pam, and Jake showed up around 1 and took Noah off my hands for awhile :)  We had gotten there at 11 and by 2:40 I was thoroughly stressed and unwilling to wait any longer.  I hadn't eaten, which would eventually effect Brennan. It was really crowded and hot inside.  I was feeding Brennan while people we…