Our Trip Over

We're all still quite jetlagged and I doubt that will change too soon. It doesn't help that the sun sets around 9:30pm! It's perfect weather right now however, so I can't complain. The poor boys' schedules are all kinds of crazy though. Jetlag has had us pretty much "zombified" for the past few days. I will ask someone what time it is and they'll say "quarter 'til" and I have to respond "'til what?" haha. It really is an odd feeling never knowing what time it is. I can't believe it's nearly 11pm!! The sun just went down not too long ago. Josh and I have been playing Scrabble Slam! to pass the time (Scrabble in card form). We have also been enjoying the American music videos on the German channel, Family Guy in Spanish, and American Dad in German. They admittedly lose some flavor with the bizarre replacement voices, but they're still pretty funny. I think the Spanish game shows are entertaining... not in the ridiculous Mexican soap opera way, but actually entertaining. They watch everything we do, but it's dubbed in Spanish... Grey's Anatomy, House, Man vs Wild, CSI, The Simpsons, The Closer, The 11th Hour, Law & Order. Ren and Stimpy is still on the air, but in German. We also get French channels here.

Their one-stop shop called Carrefour is a lot like Walmart, but filled with Spanishy goodness. There's an entire aisle dedicated to olive oil, another dedicated to ham and other delicious pork products, one for cheeses, the seafood is all fresh and plentiful, same goes for the fruits and veggies. I can't wait to get a kitchen and start cooking again!

Today our sponsor hosted a BBQ at his house and invited a few other people over. It was great. The food was delicious, the company was awesome. It felt good to get out of the hotel and go to an actual home and relax. We also had our appointment with housing. Tomorrow we're going to present our list of "to see" rentals to the housing office and we'll hopefully get into some homes this weekend.

I am trying to get pics uploaded but the connection here stinks so it takes forever and I can only do one photo at a time... which explains why there's only one photo on here right now ;) I am trying with flickr now. I can't download from my Nikon until my MAC gets here because only it has the software to read, edit, and convert the raw files. I haven't taken too many yet... like I said we've been jetlagged and haven't really explored yet. We're probably going into downtown Boadilla del Monte tomorrow. It's like a town within Madrid. I might bring my camera, I might not. It depends on how I'm feeling.

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