LIVE from Washington D.C.

Our drive yesterday went really well.  The hotel is nice and Brennan did a lot of sleeping and eating.  He didn't have a fit even once.  Noah was my big helper and didn't complain about being stuck in the car for 9 hours.  We only had to stop 3 times!  I hope the drive back goes this well.

Today was interesting.  I don't know why they insist you make an appointment with the passport office here because it's basically pointless.  You get in there and wait in an hour long line just to get a number.  Then we waited another 3 hours to get to a window.  After that you have the option to wait more hours for a passport (only under special circumstances).  LUCKILY Michelle, Pam, and Jake showed up around 1 and took Noah off my hands for awhile :)  We had gotten there at 11 and by 2:40 I was thoroughly stressed and unwilling to wait any longer.  I hadn't eaten, which would eventually effect Brennan. It was really crowded and hot inside.  I was feeding Brennan while people were passing me in one of the lines, caught a couple elbows, had to cover the poor baby up so I wouldn't feel like a zoo exhibit.  The office closes at 3, he said I could wait inside until around 5 (not being able to LEAVE, mind you).  It was a very typical "government office" experience.  It reminded me of getting through customs.  I opted to meet up with my family and try and squeeze some fun out of the day rather than be locked inside my own personal Hell.

We went to the Natural History Museum and rode the Metro Train, saw the Washington Monument and Capitol Building (from afar).  I had my camera, but I didn't have it on me so I will get pics once they share them with me :)  Brennan was a big hit once again!  I had fun and that was definitely what I needed after such a stressful day of driving and waiting.  We had dinner and said goodbye.  I'm sure I will see them in the next 3 years, but I was admittedly a little sad.  Maybe it was the stress.  I was holding back tears all day today (which gave me a massive headache).

So... we're in the hotel for another night.  I am going back into the city tomorrow to pick up the passport.  I am reading the receipt now and it claims this can only be done from 11:30-noon or 2-3pm.  I say WHATEVER I will show up before they open, get my number, and hopefully get my way via the cunning use of cute one-month old baby Brennan and his crazy hair.  If they insist I come back during their magical 30 minute window of opportunity I will smile, go get my camera, and get some pictures of DC before I leave this country.  I am determined to remain as stress-free as possible for the next however long it takes to get us all settled and "home" again.  Goodnight everyone!  I've got a wake-up call at 6am!

Our little Brennan is a whole month old today!  WHERE DOES TIME GO?!


Mark said…
Wow you guys have so much going on! I'm glad you took the time to update us :) You are doing a great job of keeping it all together. Soon you will all be settled! I am sure it was so hard to say goodbye to family... I think once you let the tears flow, you'll feel better. You will all keep in touch just as much as ever though and you'll get plenty of visitors while you are there. Good luck with all of this traveling. I'll be thinking of you guys!
Britni said…
oops that was from me of course....haha. Sometimes I post comments and then realize Mark was still signed in, sorry!

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