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Funeral Procession

Today I was on my way to the park when a Lance Cpl. Stephen J. Perez' funeral procession crossed my path. I knew right away he was in the military because at the head of the line was about 10 motorcycles with flags and a "we support the troops" banner... the Patriot Guard Riders. I sat through the light changing at least 7 times and just cried. I started crying as soon as I saw those motorcycles. I was glad there were so many people going to pay their respects, 7 traffic lights worth, maybe more. I hope he knows how many lives he touched. I am not positive it was Stephen Perez, but he's from San Antonio, he was posted about on the PGR forum and he just passed on April 13th so it seems like a good assumption to me. I'm sorry you didn't make it home, Stephen. My tears go out to your family and friends. Thanks for choosing to serve.

On a less morbid note... we had fun at the park chasing ducks and sneaking peeks at the flamingos in the zoo. Time for Noa…

back to the busy buzz

Just wanted to drop a quick note and say thanks to everyone who has sent me emails to check up on me... and apologize for not replying. I am already right back in my groove again. Busy as all hell!!! I like it that way, makes the days fly by. I am greatful for the concern. I really do appreciate it a lot. I just have difficulty finding time to reply to everyone. I figured this would be the best way to get everyone all at once.

The car is fixed and the AC works great and we didn't have to pay a single penny. The windows are in and are already making a huge impact on the coolness, allergy control, noise filtering and general sense of security. Right now I am going to go make a meatloaf, mashed potatoes and some green beans for me and Noah. We just got home and he hates being ignored. His patience is about done.

Thanks again everyone. I will try and get to responding in person, just wanted to let you all know I am alive and well and appreciate the care everyone has shown ou…

Thanks, Kristin

This is to recognize all of those often underestimated, unseen, and unheard heroes that are in love with a soldier.

This is for the young women that are waking up at 6 a.m. every morning, laying out clothes and packing three lunches for those small precious children that they have been left alone to care for.
This is for the pregnant Army wife wondering if her husband will make it home in time to watch their miracle happen.
This is for the childless Army wife, living in a town or on a base alone where she is a complete stranger to her surroundings.
This is for the women that feel like a third leg when they go out with their friends and their husbands.
This is for the Army wife that canceled all her plans to wait by the phone, and even though the phone broke up and cut off every time you spoke to him, you waited anyway.
This is a pledge to the women that cry themselves to sleep in an empty bed.This is to recognize the women that felt like she was dying inside when he said he had to go, but s…

all good things must come to an end sometime

We only got 3 hours of sleep last night. I can't imagine how much that sucks for Josh. We dropped Noah off at daycare this morning. I didn't watch him say goodbye. I was having enough trouble. Then I dropped Josh off at the airport and drove straight to work. I did pretty well all day (besides daycare and the airport and the drive to work). Then I come home and there's his hat. So, being the idiot that I am I took a big whiff and I've been bawling ever since. The bed smells like Josh, his clothes are scattered around, his handwriting is everywhere... there's little remnants of him all over our house. I am not as used to this as I thought. I'll be okay, though. I just need a little more time and some sleep. Then I can get back into my rut and everything will be fine. I really want him to call, but I know he would if he could. Only 5 more months.

Let the countdown begin... again.

Oh, then to add to the greatness of my day I got a freakin jury summons…