Funeral Procession

Today I was on my way to the park when a Lance Cpl. Stephen J. Perez' funeral procession crossed my path. I knew right away he was in the military because at the head of the line was about 10 motorcycles with flags and a "we support the troops" banner... the Patriot Guard Riders. I sat through the light changing at least 7 times and just cried. I started crying as soon as I saw those motorcycles. I was glad there were so many people going to pay their respects, 7 traffic lights worth, maybe more. I hope he knows how many lives he touched. I am not positive it was Stephen Perez, but he's from San Antonio, he was posted about on the PGR forum and he just passed on April 13th so it seems like a good assumption to me. I'm sorry you didn't make it home, Stephen. My tears go out to your family and friends. Thanks for choosing to serve.

On a less morbid note... we had fun at the park chasing ducks and sneaking peeks at the flamingos in the zoo. Time for Noah's nap.
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