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What's New

I still haven't called to get the van fixed. Speaking Spanish makes me nervous and talking on phones makes it even worse so I've been avoiding making a call to the body shop. This must stop! Tomorrow. Although it was a lucky break we didn't because someone backed into the door and you can't really tell the difference between the old damage and the new. So I guess we avoided another trip to the shop? Ok... I know... I will call :P

As of today the chances of Josh not deploying are now about 70%... this is good. Hopefully he will be able to avoid deploying during weddings or baby births. We think he will be able to with the help of his chain of command, who happen to love having him around. He's just so dang popular ;)

Adriana got her ticket and will be here this week! It will be nice to have her back. She got everything taken care of back home so she can move in with us worry free. Hooray! We miss her.

Josh and I went out for a night on the town for our ann…

Another Great Weekend

Those of you who didn't already know: Josh got back from Germany on Friday night. Hooray! Now we'll see how much of that "10 days at home" he'll actually get to spend at home. He's at work right now... they just don't have everything ready for him to deploy yet (which isn't really their fault since it was such short notice). I'm not going to complain if he deploys a little later than planned... of course that may also mean he gets back a little later than planned, which would mess with our plans. So maybe I will complain after all hahaha. Our plans being, me going to Texas for the birth of my new niece or nephew!!!! YES!!! Vita's gonna have a baby!!! :D :D :D SOOOOOooooo excited. And I can blog it now because she already posted it on facebook ;) haha. I HAVE to be there. I just have to, that's all there is to it :) So... yeah... our weekend...

Saturday we went to the mall and spent hours there walking around, visiting the stores…

Sorry, But When Josh is Gone I Blog a Lot

After I got the kids down last night I worked on Tristan's scrapbook (finally). Now we're up to 7 months old!! Alright!! :P haha... yes I'm a little behind, but Josh and I spend a lot of time doing things together and during the day I have too many errands and chores occupying my time. My goal is to finish Tristan's this week and start on Brennan's. Hopefully it will be finished before Josh returns from deployment! Given my track record with these baby books I'd say that's fairly unlikely. I notice I take a whole lot of pictures when I have the 50mm on my camera. They just look so good! I love this lens! Thanks, babe :)

Today was fun. I let Brennan try out his new top tooth on an apple. He didn't get much off of it, but he was proud to show off the tiny chunks he was able to get a hold of. Most of them ended up getting picked out by me shortly afterwards. He got pretty sticky and thoroughly enjoyed the struggle.

Tristan happily dove onto th…

Simple Sunday

Josh left for the airport at around 9:30 when the boys were just starting to get around and eat breakfast. He'll be gone until Friday for some pre-deployment training. Like he needs it :/ Today I spent my time wisely, just hanging out with the boys.

Noah was so good today!! I don't know why he decided to be an angel for me, but he sure was. He helped me all day with Brennan, picked things up without being told. He even showed Tristan how to do a cartwheel :) Maybe Josh had a talk with him before he left or something. Whatever the case, it was great!

We got our tax return so I did a wee bit of shopping for Brennan the other day. He really needed some more winter clothes. I realize winter is almost over, but the sales were good and the clothes were too cute to pass up! I grabbed a few shirts for Noah too. He can always use more clothes. I would compare the kids store here to a Children's Place... same prices, general quality, and selection. Happy Mommy!!! Look …

Dr. Visits

I took Brennan and Tristan in for shots and check-ups today. They're both doing great and handled the shots quite well. Tristan got 2, Brennan got 3... poor babies. Ironically enough Josh also got a few shots today for pre-deployment.

At 9 months old Brennan is 18.5lbs and 23" tall (almost 2ft). He's in the lower percentile for weight, but he makes up for it in speed and determination haha. She was very happy with his overall development and lauded me for nursing and all that. I like those kind of visits ;) Too bad it ended with shots! Brennan has officially gotten sick of baby food. He will bat spoons of baby cereal away if there is real food on my plate. Tonight he had rice and broccoli... with some cereal for dessert. He also gummed some bread into submission and snacked on banana puffs in-between.

Tristan is 28.5lbs and 35" tall (almost 3ft). He's 75th percentile or something like that for his height and 50th for his weight. I never remember the he…