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I still haven't called to get the van fixed. Speaking Spanish makes me nervous and talking on phones makes it even worse so I've been avoiding making a call to the body shop. This must stop! Tomorrow. Although it was a lucky break we didn't because someone backed into the door and you can't really tell the difference between the old damage and the new. So I guess we avoided another trip to the shop? Ok... I know... I will call :P

As of today the chances of Josh not deploying are now about 70%... this is good. Hopefully he will be able to avoid deploying during weddings or baby births. We think he will be able to with the help of his chain of command, who happen to love having him around. He's just so dang popular ;)

Adriana got her ticket and will be here this week! It will be nice to have her back. She got everything taken care of back home so she can move in with us worry free. Hooray! We miss her.

Josh and I went out for a night on the town for our anniversary (which really isn't for a few weeks, but we thought he was deploying). This will be our 7th anniversary... can you believe it?! We can't. Time sure flies when you're having fun :) We ate a late dinner at The Midnight Rose restaurant, which was very upscale but surprisingly affordable. After that we scurried down to the Corral de la Moreria for a midnight flamenco show. AMAZING!!! It was one of the best dates ever :)

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