Sorry, But When Josh is Gone I Blog a Lot

After I got the kids down last night I worked on Tristan's scrapbook (finally). Now we're up to 7 months old!! Alright!! :P haha... yes I'm a little behind, but Josh and I spend a lot of time doing things together and during the day I have too many errands and chores occupying my time. My goal is to finish Tristan's this week and start on Brennan's. Hopefully it will be finished before Josh returns from deployment! Given my track record with these baby books I'd say that's fairly unlikely. I notice I take a whole lot of pictures when I have the 50mm on my camera. They just look so good! I love this lens! Thanks, babe :)

Today was fun. I let Brennan try out his new top tooth on an apple. He didn't get much off of it, but he was proud to show off the tiny chunks he was able to get a hold of. Most of them ended up getting picked out by me shortly afterwards. He got pretty sticky and thoroughly enjoyed the struggle.

Tristan happily dove onto the couch, dove off the couch onto the floor, and proceeded to roll around on the rug. He did this many many many many times. I think he learned this particular "event" from Noah. I don't mind it all that much. Boys have to be boys... they have tons of aggressive energy and if you don't let them get it out somehow they'll just beat each other up. Trust me. Broken furniture or broken noses... if you're really fortunate they can manage both! hahaha.

Brennan learned a new skill today! We have 2 little steps going from the dining room to living room and he can climb up them now. I watched him try to go back down and he can, but it makes me want to jump out of my skin because he goes head first! No thank you! I think he still doesn't have the healthy fear of gravity. He also has been trying his damnedest to say MaMa and I love him for it! Right now it sounds like Baba, but he'll figure it out soon enough. Dada is too easy... they always get that one first. He loves talking. He will yell and yell until someone yells back... and then repeat the same noise. I love the copycat stage.

Noah got a green face at school! Let's hope he can keep this up the rest of the week. Last time Daddy left we didn't discuss it much beforehand and I think it really upset him because he was bad at school. As soon as Daddy got back he was fine though. Coincidence? I think not. Noah's a smart kid. He finally understands, but still doesn't really get it... I don't think I do either. We're working on a countdown for us to do while Josh is in Afghanistan... maybe something with beads or a paper chain. Something tangible for us to look at and get a better understanding of time. Noah's been working on his reading a lot lately. He reads a book for school every night and (for fun) he reads a book to Tristan before bed. We also have some sliding flash cards that came with the "Yes, Your Baby Can Read" system (thanks Grandma H!!) and he LOVES them.

Expect my blog to be cluttered with daily nonsense and oodles of pictures while Josh is gone. I like him to be able to stay connected to us and I have way too much free time on my hands. He'll be home for a bit once he gets back from Germany. I'm hoping to get one more family trip in before he goes.
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