Simple Sunday

Josh left for the airport at around 9:30 when the boys were just starting to get around and eat breakfast. He'll be gone until Friday for some pre-deployment training. Like he needs it :/ Today I spent my time wisely, just hanging out with the boys.

Noah was so good today!! I don't know why he decided to be an angel for me, but he sure was. He helped me all day with Brennan, picked things up without being told. He even showed Tristan how to do a cartwheel :) Maybe Josh had a talk with him before he left or something. Whatever the case, it was great!

We got our tax return so I did a wee bit of shopping for Brennan the other day. He really needed some more winter clothes. I realize winter is almost over, but the sales were good and the clothes were too cute to pass up! I grabbed a few shirts for Noah too. He can always use more clothes. I would compare the kids store here to a Children's Place... same prices, general quality, and selection. Happy Mommy!!! Look how cute he is in his tiny baby sweater :) :) :) So precious. One of his top teeth has officially broken through. He isn't fussy at all while he's teething. None of my boys have been... lucky me! :)

Tristan was the same old Tristan today, but with more words. He was overcome with awe at the prospect of his carrots helping him see at night so I heard "Ma'ee I see dark" through half of dinner time. His nose has been running and he has a congested cough. No idea where it came from since he seemed fine until suddenly WHAM he has a raspy cough. His mood hasn't changed at all so he must still feel OK. His appetite has gone down a little, but not enough for me to worry. Hope it goes away on its own and then is gone from this house forever.

The day flew by. I'm hoping the rest of the week will too... and then slow down when Josh is home for this last little stretch before deployment. I'm sure it won't :P The first rule of deployment is you don't talk about deployment. The 2nd rule is that you don't talk about deployment ;) haha... not until you HAVE to (which is like the day before he leaves). Ignorance is bliss.
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