Dr. Visits

I took Brennan and Tristan in for shots and check-ups today. They're both doing great and handled the shots quite well. Tristan got 2, Brennan got 3... poor babies. Ironically enough Josh also got a few shots today for pre-deployment.

At 9 months old Brennan is 18.5lbs and 23" tall (almost 2ft). He's in the lower percentile for weight, but he makes up for it in speed and determination haha. She was very happy with his overall development and lauded me for nursing and all that. I like those kind of visits ;) Too bad it ended with shots! Brennan has officially gotten sick of baby food. He will bat spoons of baby cereal away if there is real food on my plate. Tonight he had rice and broccoli... with some cereal for dessert. He also gummed some bread into submission and snacked on banana puffs in-between.

Tristan is 28.5lbs and 35" tall (almost 3ft). He's 75th percentile or something like that for his height and 50th for his weight. I never remember the head size because it seems odd to me that they take it anyway. What does that tell you about someone? Oh goodness... he wears some big hats! Brain size, maybe? I'm sure there's a medical reason and it's easily found through the powers of google, but I am feeling rather lazy tonight so someone else can look it up for me ;) haha. Tris has been talking a LOT lately. Every time I try to get a video of it he stops though. He's talking more than Noah was at this age. I hate to imagine what he'll be like at 5 :/ hahaha... I love my Noah-Boah and his incessant jabbering. My current favorite word is "bullshit" which for some reason is how he says "blanket" so he says bullshit many many times in one day... "Ma'ee where bullshit?"... "HERE BULLSHIT!" "I found bullshit Ma'ee". Oh man... kills me every time.

It was sunny and in the 50's today so we played outside for a little while. Good times and vitamin D :) I took a video of Noah and Tristan making dirt burgers. I purposely tried not to intervene in any way so everyone could see how they truly act. Tristan even throws one of his patented full-body stiffening whining fits that he performs for me 20 times a day. What a gem to capture on film hahaha. Noah spent a majority of the time pelting me with a ginormous inflatable soccer ball. Brennan lounged in the stroller, chowing down on puffs... Tristan even stopped by to help him.

Everyone was generally happy until dinner time. Suddenly Tristan and Brennan both got fussy so we did a nice hot bath, very warm PJ's, some tylenol, some cuddles, and an early bedtime. Tristan had a slight fever and was overjoyed to finally be in bed. Noah was happy to have the tub to himself for the extra 15 minutes so he could dive for toys :) We lay down on Tristan's bed and read "The Day it Rained Hearts" since it's almost Valentine's Day! That was our day.

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