Another Great Weekend

Those of you who didn't already know: Josh got back from Germany on Friday night. Hooray! Now we'll see how much of that "10 days at home" he'll actually get to spend at home. He's at work right now... they just don't have everything ready for him to deploy yet (which isn't really their fault since it was such short notice). I'm not going to complain if he deploys a little later than planned... of course that may also mean he gets back a little later than planned, which would mess with our plans. So maybe I will complain after all hahaha. Our plans being, me going to Texas for the birth of my new niece or nephew!!!! YES!!! Vita's gonna have a baby!!! :D :D :D SOOOOOooooo excited. And I can blog it now because she already posted it on facebook ;) haha. I HAVE to be there. I just have to, that's all there is to it :) So... yeah... our weekend...

Saturday we went to the mall and spent hours there walking around, visiting the stores, and finding great deals. Surprisingly enough we bought mostly clothes for me :O I know, shocking... how did she let this happen?! Well, I was looking for something to wear and I realized most of the things in my closet have been in my closet for about 10 years. That's pretty sad. It's a common Mommy problem. We neglect ourselves and buy for the kids or the hubby. So, I got a couple sweaters and a pair of boots :) I also found some great deals on maternity clothes! Vita, I'll be shipping them probably by tomorrow (along with a few other things). I hope you like them! If not, sell them or something and buy better stuff haha ;)

Sunday the boys let us sleep until 11... seriously... no idea how that happened. It was splendiferous. It was nice and sunny outside so we let the boys get dirty for awhile. I took pictures of local birds. Josh played with his new macbook. Brennan looked on from the playpen. He's just dying to walk! We only had to wear light coats because it was pretty warm. And now... it's snowing. It reminds me of Ohio! I guess "mountain effect" is very similar to "lake effect" when it comes to winter weather. It will be a better backdrop for me to get pics of birds at least :)

I took some videos of normal playroom antics from the lil' bits a few days ago. Uploading to youtube now! Check the sidebar... if it's working finally. It's been glitchy lately. Annoying. Adios! Time to do the dishes :/

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