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Perfect Song - VIDEO HERE

This is my current favorite song because it describes everything perfectly. Thank God the video doesn't have military people in it because I probably would have imploded.

Disappear - Hoobastank

There's a pain that sleeps inside
It sleeps with just one eye
And awakens the moment that you leave
Though I try to look away
The pain it still remains
Only leaving when you're next to me

Do you know, that everytime you're near
Everybody else seems far away
So can you come and make them disappear
Make them disappear and we can stay

So I stand and look around
Distracted by the sounds
Of everyone and everything I see
And I search through every face
Without a single trace, of the person
The person that I need

Do you know, that everytime you're near
Everybody else seems far away
So can you come and make them disappear
Make them disappear and we can stay

Can you make them disappear?
Make them disappear

There's a pain that sleeps inside
Sleeps with just one eye
And awakens, the moment that you leave

the "playgroup"

Well the playgroup was a big bust. It was just a little room with some toys and no one showed up. Noah liked being there just to play with someone elses toys. I don't blame anyone for not showing up because it was flippin' nice outside today... again. One great thing came of it however, I discovered this great playground full of kids on the way there. We went right back and I saw a couple military stay-at-home moms with home daycares, exercising their little rugrats. One day I will talk to them. They usually show up in couples, so I'd be this weird desperate housewife with one kid begging for adult conversation from 2 daycare friends. I'm fine with that. Until then it'll be more like animal planet, I'm going to observe their habits and slowly creep into their environment so they don't even notice. A few grandparents showed up too. Grandpas and grandmas are always fun, always happy, always sociable. We'll definitely revisit this playground. …

Noah's on YouTube!

This is my Noah on a day to day basis. I love all his little words :)

no sir I don't like it

It's 82 today. That's just a little too hot for February in my humble opinion. Soon enough I will be knee deep in snow, wondering why I ever missed the cold. I see myself trying desperately to tug mittens on Noah's little hands for the 20th time in one day, kicking myself for having wanted him to experience snow so badly. I've got all the windows open, trying to get some air circulation up in here so I don't have to turn on my AC... in FEBRUARY! Texas is dumb. My house is 79 degrees, but the breeze makes it feel more like a comfy 74. I'm so glad I got those new windows so that I actually have screens that do well to keep the bees and flies outside.

I had my OB orientation today. What a waste of time! All I did was sit for an hour and fill out paperwork. It wasn't too bad until the AirForce CPT got up to talk... you could tell she was military because she was over-explaining and giving examples for EVERYTHING! Maybe I just felt on edge because I kn…

It's not that I hate sunshine...

The weather's been nice so we've been getting lots of exercise, going to the Duck Park and whatnot.
Noah and I are going to Ohio for a couple weeks to play in the snow with our family :) We're leaving on Saturday! I want to see everyone before I get too big to fly. The whole family was shocked and excited to hear the news and can't wait for our arrival. YAY! I'm sure I'll eventually miss the sun, but I love hot chocolate and sleds and snow and layering clothes and being with family. It will be a welcomed break from the monotony of my life. I've had a bad case of pregnancy insomnia. I have nightmares about forgetting Noah and losing him. I feel really absent-minded all day long, rushed and forgetful. I need a break :P We found a new park! We're going back out there today to have a BBQ. I will get pictures this time.

Now for the mushy stuff ;) Today is an anniversary for Josh and I. We call it our "Double C Day" for reasons only we …

Happy Valentine's Day

I just haven't felt like posting lately. I've been cleaning a lot... had to call a plumber yet again and drop $300 to get the main sewage line snaked out. Both toilets and tubs and the washing machine were all backed up. Most of the water somehow leaked up from underneath my toilet onto my floor. Luckily it was mostly washer water so it wasn't too horrendous. Apparently my pipes have shifted :P poooo. I am hoping Homeowner's Insurance will cover it, but I haven't really looked into it yet. It just happened yesterday and I am enjoying not worrying about it. At least now I know where the problem is so I'll never need the plumber (for this problem) ever ever again. $300... dang.
I'm 8 weeks pregnant, not feeling as sick as I was 2 weeks ago so that's good. I have energy, but am able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I still can't get over how hungry I get every 2 hours no matter what I eat! The lack of nausea has had me out and about how…

Another Exciting Installment for the Dream Diary

There I was, trapped in some other country but I was too afraid to ask which one since I would look foolish for not knowing. They spoke Spanish, it looked like Germany, but the signs were all in English. I was at one house for awhile, very nice house... may have been the Cosby's house because that's what I fell asleep to... and there was a nice black family living there. Some huge carnival was going on behind a fence and it looked like a bunch of US Military were there, ironically, handing out all their gear. So it was those goldfish ping pong games, balloons on targets, kevlars and M16's.

Anyway... back at the nice house I went to the bathroom and I freaked out at my mom because I was bleeding. I told her I thought I was having a miscarriage and how between 6 to 8 weeks is when it most commonly happens. She told me it was just the stress and I should be fine because I wasn't in any pain. So, we went to someone else's house. It was not nice at all, very dir…

Noah the Helper, my little Leo

Noah has always been a helpful little guy in the kitchen. Ever since I first got the stepstool out back when he was a mere 16mos old, he's been by my side. It was like he had been watching me for months and finally had the chance to show me what he learned. He was throwing away the ends of the carrots, putting the pieces I cut into the pot, covering the pot with the lid. It was shocking to see how much he already knew! I tried to dissuade this obsession by getting him his OWN food and pots and pans and spatulas, but this only made things worse because he got more practice on my off time. So here I am with a toddler who won't get out of my kitchen.

It started out cute and helpful, but more often than not I just want him out of the way. He thinks he should be allowed to do everything, to include cutting veggies and flipping pancakes and adding salt. All I end up with is an even bigger mess. I think I am the only mom to ever yell "JUST STOP HELPING ME" to a chil…

this is Noah too


I am stupid for looking at this

An infant, a 7-year-old and two women were terrorized by two men during a home invasion early Monday on the city's East Side, police said. Police said that two men in their mid-20s kicked in the front door of a home in the 4100 block of Sunrise Creek at 1 a.m. One of the men held the occupants of the home at gunpoint while the other man ransacked the home, police said. The men ended up stealing a purse before getting away on foot. None of the occupants was injured. No arrests have been made.
What was the stinkin' point of kicking in a door and then stealing a purse? I think they were raised in single-mother homes and felt guilty upon entry. Or maybe those two women had nothing for them to steal. Or maybe they were from post and suddenly grew consciences when they realized the women weren't Iraqis. So how close was this to me? Not really close at all, thank you :) Plus with my extensive Army training and my abnormally high amounts of motherly instinct hormones I th…


I've been looking to buy me some odorless cocoa butter so I can stop smelling like a Hawaiian hooker. However, though I know it exists... it is not at my local Target. This proves to be a problem since I pretty much don't shop anywhere else. I hate Walmart. It makes me a little sick when I walk in there. I don't like seeing all the herds of fat people who beat their kids and don't wear shirts. It's especially bad here in Texas. I've heard people say they hate Target and love Walmart and I noticed these are usually people I don't respect or view as intelligent anyway. If you are a Walmart shopper and believe that you are in fact intelligent and respectable I guess I'm wrong... or you're just kidding yourself (hahahaha). Sigh. Really I don't hold anything against people who shop at Walmart, I just noticed it's a different kind of crowd here. Not my kind of crowd. Too too frustrating with all the elbows and shopping carts and body …


Noah was hilarious yesterday. He kept hiding in the wine rack and then he'd get stuck, cry for 2 seconds and get out. After awhile it wasn't cute because the Noah frustrated cry is one of those sounds that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

I just love the expression on his face. He was trying to cut one stick with another stick.
After the cutting didn't work he resorted to a lot of banging.
He also decided to microwave some plastic beads. Good thing I was there because he actually figured out how to start it!

Morning Scavenger Hunt

We were watching Blue's Room together and there was a little scavenger hunt on there. Noah enjoyed it so much I thought I'd make him his own :) The end surprise was cookies! I plan on doing it a few more times, but in a different order. He required a bit of guidance at first, but he got the hang of it real fast. And he sure loved the cookies!

Archaeological Findings

After dinner we usually go outside and play for about an hour. Yesterday we played "archaeologist". I found some cool stuff in my backyard! I think we almost have an entire cat skeleton. As gross as that sounds to some of you, to me it's very exciting and fun. Quite the learning experience :) We also found an interesting agate-ish stone. It is obviously polished which could mean that someone bought the stone and carelessly threw it into the backyard for whatever reason. Yay!

I used to play archaeologist all the time when I was little. My mom even got me an art bin, which resembled a caboodle, which is like a toolbox for make-up. Anyway, so I used to have a few dental tools my mom had acquired for various crafting projects, a paintbrush (for dusting), a little chisel, and a spade. I also had a few other things in there, maybe some cloth or something. I LOVED that stupid art bin. I found all kinds of fun stuff in the backyard :) We dug up an entire birdbath, a…