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Still Not Sick ::knocks on wood::

Yesterday I cleaned the entire house, top to bottom. It smells awesome in here! It may have a lot to do with the new apple-cinnamon air freshners, but I know my cleaning had a bit to do with it as well. I did everything from garbage can lids to bathrooms to rug-shampooing. I also drank more hot tea with half a helping of airborne nighttime formula, been eating really healthy and drinking lots of water. Josh is on strong antibiotics and they're definitely working. I cleaned the boys' rooms and did all the laundry (just in case)... they're also eating well and taking in vitamins, getting sleep. We cut our nighttime walk down a bit just because it's so dang cold and windy at night now. I think we just may escape getting sick! If we make it through to Monday we will celebrate a bit... by GROCERY SHOPPING!! haha no, maybe we'll go back to the library :)

In other news: we don't like our new/used King-size mattress. The first night it was OK, but as we went a…

Reading is Fundamental

hahaha... I have to laugh at the title because of the new Terry Tate video that I watched the other day.

Anyway :) Since Josh is home sick it gave me the opportunity for some much needed one on one time with Noah Boah. We went to a new park yesterday to feed the ducks and play on the playground and noticed a big beautiful library at the entrance. I told Noah we would go in on the way back out, but by then Tristan was cranky so we just went home. I told him we would go back tomorrow (today) while Tristan was napping, just Noah and Mommy. So we did! Noah thought it was his birthday or something he was so excited. They let him get his own library card and he signed his name on the back. He picked out 4 books, 3 of them Halloween books. He thanked the librarian (in an excited whisper) twice for his library card. I think we'll be going to the library at least once a week. It's nice and relatively close to home. Here are the books we're reading this week! They're all linked …


Josh is sick today. He went and got the dumb flu shot, which I told him was a bad idea, but the doctors convinced him that it would be best for us if he did. What a load of crap. 2 days later he has walking pneumonia, which he gets as often as other people get the sniffles. I hate when he's sick. He's so ANNOYING!! Anytime I try to talk to him he makes me repeat myself because apparently sickness is linked to deafness, and he wants to be sure I get to really look at his sick-o face, all scrunched up and sorrowful. He wears 500 layers of clothing and never speaks louder than a whisper, and mostly tries to make himself sound hoarse for added effect. He won't get out of bed, but the few times he will he shall never stand fully upright or lift his feet to walk. He will scuffle around like an old man with a walker to join the living and remind us that he is sick. He can't help with the kids because he's "contagious". He will utter fake apologies all…

Horror Movies

It bothers me that so many people liked "Saw" that there's a "Saw 5" now. That movie makes me sick to my stomach and I can't understand how it can be seen as entertainment... kind of like "A Clockwork Orange". I don't know if any woman can watch those painfully realistic rape scenes and only think about the underlying message of the movie. I guess I'm just a silly girl! I don't find torture entertaining, even if it isn't real. It worries me that other people are so desensitized that they can watch this and actually laugh or think it's cool. Horror movies now seem like competitions on who can make the most disgusting things happen and still get away with an R rating. No thanks! I'll stick with the "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Hocus Pocus". Gotta love Bette Midler's face in that one!! I think I'll watch that one tonight :)

Big Boy Noah

Noah hasn't wet his pull-up all week so I thought we would try without last night. No accidents! Yay!! So today we went to Wal-Mart and my big boy got a new set of big boy pajamas :) He picked them out himself. He had a hard time choosing between the Hulk, Batman, and Transformers but ultimately Transformers won because he acquired 2 Transformer toys from Heather's house and has been carrying them around for 2 days now. They take baths together, play in the sandbox together, watch TV together, go to the bathroom together... everything. Right now he's pacing the house calling out "transformers, transforrrrrmerrrs" I guess he lost them. Don't worry, he found them. We also got a new winter coat that's 2 coats in one and some warm sweatpants to wear at night.

When I got home from the doctor yesterday, sonogram picture in hand, I asked Noah if he wanted to see a picture of the new baby. He got SO EXCITED!! I wish I had a video. He said "YOU GOT…

11wk OB Appointment (close to 3mos)

I had another OB appointment today. Everything is going great and the baby is measuring right where it should be. My due date is still May 15th (a Mother's Day baby!). It finally looks like a baby now!! I saw the heartbeat and was even treated to a little swimming demonstration :) Next month we will be able to hear everything and see some major movement from the little bean.

No pictures yet, unfortunately. I am still trying to figure out what the issues between my scanner and photoshop are... I wasn't having any problems until I downloaded updates from HP. It's getting really annoying. What's up now, MACaholics?!

I figured it out. I had to scan with one program and edit with another. NOT FUN! If I were rich I would have the best computer ever. Sigh. Anyway... here's the baby!! :D It has its little legs sticking up. I thought it was the umbilical cord at first, but there's a knee and a little foot in there! It's amazing how much like a…

Head's Up

2 new videos on the sidebar :)

Trying to Catch Up!

OK so... we have all been doing just swell over here. Our lovely neighbors gave us their old king size mattress and box-spring yesterday. There isn't anything wrong with it, they just wanted a new one. THANK YOU, GUYS!!! The only downside is having to get everything else king-sized to go with it... bed frame, head board, foot board, sheets, pillows, comforter. But, that's all worth it just to have all the extra room in bed! I didn't get elbowed at all last night :D Now we have a spare queen mattress and box spring that's just hanging out in our closet, perfect for floor-sleeping if need be. Our neighbors also love Halloween and decorated the crap out of our front yards. I think it looks awesome!!

Tristan has been walking really well and is starting to prove that he knows how his little world works. He will put sunglasses on his eyes, clothes in laundry baskets, hats on his head, arms through shirt sleeves... he tries to put socks on his feet too, but it's …

Stress Relief

I need to find a way to relieve stress. Josh has soccer and his own little projects. I have nothing. I can only blame myself, I guess. I need to get over the guilt of leaving Josh alone with the kids so I can get out of the house or do something on my own.

Things That Annoy Me II

A while back I did a little post on random things that annoy me throughout the day. I think it's time for another list. Bear in mind I am in the first trimester of pregnancy right now so some of these items are unique to my current experience.

1. The magical draft that wafts in under the bathroom door to blow the shower curtain into you, taking up all the space and being generally annoying... and for some reason the curtain can absorb all the hot water, but remain freezing to the touch.
2. Having to put that one extra item on the shower shelf, knowing full well that you will most likely bump it and have to pick it off the floor every time you're in there.
3. How loud it is when that one extra item does fall into the basin... I KNOW YOU FELL, GOSH!!
4. Forgetting to bring the baby monitor from the living room to my room and having to go back downstairs to get it.
5. Being awake long enough to get hungry again and not being able to sleep until I forage around downstairs for somethi…

Lakes of Fort Gordon

We went out to the lakes for a couple hours yesterday before bedtime. There are so many lakes on base it's almost ridiculous. They're all stocked with different kinds of fish and they're surrounded by wide, well cared for dirt paths. I was trying to get some shots for our October family photo hunt. This month we have to find shapes. I'm happy to say I found most of them! However, I'm not done yet because I still want to see if I can find more seasonal shapes. We need to get out to a pumpkin patch this weekend. Anyway... the boys (including Bosley) all had fun, and so did I.

This Week

Well pregnancy has not been kind to me this go-round. I already have heartburn and am exhausted all the time. I can't seem to differentiate between nausea and hunger anymore. My back feels like I'm 9 months pregnant. I am really hoping that once I get past the first trimester all this crud will taper off. Oh the joys of pregnancy! I want to feel kicks and plan a (girly) nursery already, but I'm stuck feeling bloaty and sick :P

Regardless, the boys are still quite entertaining :) They play nicely upstairs giving me a chance to lay down and relax while they destroy their rooms. I am perfectly fine with that! Noah's new ultimate favorite toys (and mine) are the hand puppets we got from the one stop at Target. I love these little monsters!

Tristan has been walking so much more lately. He seems to enjoy walking more than crawling now. He will push himself to standing (without support) just so he can waddle around. Before long he'll be out of the stroller, wal…