Josh is sick today. He went and got the dumb flu shot, which I told him was a bad idea, but the doctors convinced him that it would be best for us if he did. What a load of crap. 2 days later he has walking pneumonia, which he gets as often as other people get the sniffles. I hate when he's sick. He's so ANNOYING!! Anytime I try to talk to him he makes me repeat myself because apparently sickness is linked to deafness, and he wants to be sure I get to really look at his sick-o face, all scrunched up and sorrowful. He wears 500 layers of clothing and never speaks louder than a whisper, and mostly tries to make himself sound hoarse for added effect. He won't get out of bed, but the few times he will he shall never stand fully upright or lift his feet to walk. He will scuffle around like an old man with a walker to join the living and remind us that he is sick. He can't help with the kids because he's "contagious". He will utter fake apologies all day, he's so so sad for himself... awwwww. What a baby. Know what bothers me the most? Next week the rest of us will be sick and know what will happen? Nothing... I will still cook and clean and take care of the kids, he'll still go to work. Ugh... boys are such wimps. I love my man, but he's such a man sometimes hahaha ;)

Mostly I am still stressed out since the last time I posted about being stressed out. I don't know why I am, just the constant cleaning up after and caring for people I guess. I snapped at Josh yesterday because there was no toilet paper in our bathroom... something our 4 year old manages to do, my husband cannot. Plus my $10 I had for ME, which is all I get for myself was taken and spent by some unnamed menace who was running late and couldn't go to the ATM. Bye bye coffee. Sigh... I still can't go anywhere alone today because Joshy is soooo sooo sick the poor wittle baby. Amazing how he wasn't this sick until the doctor diagnosed him... hmmm. So now I have 3 babies to care for and I doubt I will be getting any stress relief anytime soon. Looking forward to next week (not)! I am going to pump us all full of vitamin C and other various nutrients and hope they stave off the sickness. It's worked before!

Hope you enjoyed this because it will probably end up getting deleted.

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