Big Boy Noah

Noah hasn't wet his pull-up all week so I thought we would try without last night. No accidents! Yay!! So today we went to Wal-Mart and my big boy got a new set of big boy pajamas :) He picked them out himself. He had a hard time choosing between the Hulk, Batman, and Transformers but ultimately Transformers won because he acquired 2 Transformer toys from Heather's house and has been carrying them around for 2 days now. They take baths together, play in the sandbox together, watch TV together, go to the bathroom together... everything. Right now he's pacing the house calling out "transformers, transforrrrrmerrrs" I guess he lost them. Don't worry, he found them. We also got a new winter coat that's 2 coats in one and some warm sweatpants to wear at night.

When I got home from the doctor yesterday, sonogram picture in hand, I asked Noah if he wanted to see a picture of the new baby. He got SO EXCITED!! I wish I had a video. He said "YOU GOT A PICTURE OF THE BABY IN YOUR TUMMY?!" and he looked at it like he understood what he was seeing haha. It was precious. Every day I hear how he's going to be a big brother again (and a soccer player and a super hero). Apparently we're having a girl, a sister, like Mommy and she's going to get tall and then be a Mommy too!! This is all very exciting to Noah... so exciting that it bears repeating at least 3 times a day.

We had to get Noah some big kid body wash because he stinks like a real boy now. My pregnant nose couldn't take it anymore! He also has new taste in movies. He loves the Incredibles (which used to bore him), Agent Cody Banks (his spy movie), and Sky High (his super hero movie). Those last 2 are movies with actual actors in them, not cartoons :O He's getting so big :/

It's been raining all day, which to Noah means that he is supposed to play outside in his new winter coat. I'm fine with that as long as he doesn't get carried away and start rolling around in the mud, which he didn't. After a nice romp in the cold wet nasty backyard I coaxed him back inside with the promise of Halloween sugar cookies and hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate when it's raining and chilly. I used to love hot chocolate when it's snowing, but I haven't been around snow in forever so we made a compromise ;) Now his Transformers are drinking his hot chocolate and he's sying "any time now!". I guess they're taking too long... or maybe I am. OK well I am going to enjoy some more Mommy/Noah time before Tristan wakes up. HAHAHA he just ran into the bathroom and said "super poop!! I'm super pooping!" and he said it in this Kermity voice. He's so crazy!

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