Still Not Sick ::knocks on wood::

Yesterday I cleaned the entire house, top to bottom. It smells awesome in here! It may have a lot to do with the new apple-cinnamon air freshners, but I know my cleaning had a bit to do with it as well. I did everything from garbage can lids to bathrooms to rug-shampooing. I also drank more hot tea with half a helping of airborne nighttime formula, been eating really healthy and drinking lots of water. Josh is on strong antibiotics and they're definitely working. I cleaned the boys' rooms and did all the laundry (just in case)... they're also eating well and taking in vitamins, getting sleep. We cut our nighttime walk down a bit just because it's so dang cold and windy at night now. I think we just may escape getting sick! If we make it through to Monday we will celebrate a bit... by GROCERY SHOPPING!! haha no, maybe we'll go back to the library :)

In other news: we don't like our new/used King-size mattress. The first night it was OK, but as we went along we both really just do not like it at all now. It's too soft! I can see why they got a new one. It's like sleeping on a deflating air mattress. We still really appreciate the neighbors' gift to us. Now we have a free king-size boxspring and we already found a great king mattress we want to buy at Sam's. When Josh gets his bonus money, that's what we're getting. So now the question is... what do we say to the neighbors?

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