This Week

Well pregnancy has not been kind to me this go-round. I already have heartburn and am exhausted all the time. I can't seem to differentiate between nausea and hunger anymore. My back feels like I'm 9 months pregnant. I am really hoping that once I get past the first trimester all this crud will taper off. Oh the joys of pregnancy! I want to feel kicks and plan a (girly) nursery already, but I'm stuck feeling bloaty and sick :P

Regardless, the boys are still quite entertaining :) They play nicely upstairs giving me a chance to lay down and relax while they destroy their rooms. I am perfectly fine with that! Noah's new ultimate favorite toys (and mine) are the hand puppets we got from the one stop at Target. I love these little monsters!

Tristan has been walking so much more lately. He seems to enjoy walking more than crawling now. He will push himself to standing (without support) just so he can waddle around. Before long he'll be out of the stroller, walking beside us :) Here's a video!! It's also on the sidebar :)

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